Electrical Machine 2 Tutorial 1

Branch: 5th
Sem EEE                                                                         Paper code: 150802
Subject: Synchronous Motor
Date of Issue: 09/08/2011                                                       Date of Sub: 16/08/2011

Q-1: A 4-Pole, 75kw, 3-phase Star connected, 50Hz, 440V, Cylindrical rotor synchronous Motor operates at rated condition with 0.8 power factor leading. The Motor efficiency excluding 
field and stator losses is 95% and Xs= 2.5Ω. Calculate
  1. Mechanical power developed
  2. Armature Current
  3. Back e.m.f
  4. Power Angle
  5. Maximum or Pull out Torque of Motor.
Q-2: A 3300V, 500KVA, 3-phase star connected Synchronous Motor has an armature resistance and reactance is 0.8Ω and 6Ω per phase respectively. Determine induced e.m.f. and angular 
retardation of rotor when fully loaded at.
  1. 0.8 Power Factor lagging
  2. 0.8 Power Factor leading
  3. Unity Power Factor.

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