Electromagnetics assignment 2

Assignment 2

(1)   Define : (a) Potential Difference (b) Potential

(2)   What is Potential Gradient? With help of gradient prove that .

(3)   Given the flux density, Evaluate both sides of the divergence theorem for the region defined by 1 < r < 2, 0 < θ < π/2, 0 <  < π/2.

(4)   In the space, a line charge  lies along the entire Z-axis, while point charge of  100 nC each are located at (1,0,0) and (0,1,0). Find the potential difference  given P (2,1,0) and Q (3,2,5). (ANS : =1516.856 V )

(5)   What is an Electric Dipole? Derive the expression for the Potential and Electric Field Intensity due to a dipole at distances very large from the origin compared to the spacing d between the charges +Q and – Q .

(6)   Given the Potential field in cylindrical coordinates V =1000+50 Volts. Calculate the value at P(0.4,30°,1) in air of (i) E (ii) D (iii)  (iv) Energy density.

(7)   E and F are vector fields given by  and . Determine,

(a) | E | a t (l, 2, 3).

(b) The component of E along F at (1, 2, 3).

(c) A vector perpendicular to both E and F at (0, 1, – 3) whose magnitude is Unity.

(8)   ) Explain Energy density in the electrostatic field.

(9)   A potential field is expressed as . Given a point  in a free space, find at P (i) V (2) E (3)  (4) (5) .

(10) A dipole at the origin in free space has .

(a) give V at P(x, y, z) in Cartesian coordinates.

(b) Give E at P(x, y, z) in Cartesian coordinates.

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