EPE Assignment




                        ELECTRICAL POWER ENGINEERING




Assignment:-                         02

Topic:-                           Overhead line insulators and General Distribution System

Total No. Of Questions :-     08

Date Of Issue :-              16/8/11

Date Of Submission :-          24/8/11     


1)   Describe briefly with neat sketches any two types of insulators that are commonly used in overhead transmission lines.

2)   Explain why the potential distribution is not uniform over the string in a suspension type of insulators ?

3)   Explain string efficiency and methods to improve this for insulators.

4)   In a string of three identical suspension insulator units supporting a transmission line conductor ,if  the self capacitance of each unit is denoted as C farads ,the capacitance of each connector pin to ground can be taken as 0.1 farads .Determine the voltage distribution across the string if the maximum permissible voltage per unit is given as 20 kv .Also determine the string efficiency.

5)   Explain 2-wire dc system of distribution of electrical power.

6)   A dc two line distributor AB 600 metre long is fed at 440 V from substation A and at 430 V from substation B ,the loads are:

100 A at C,150 metres from A

200 A at D,150 metres from C

250 A at E,50 metres from   D

300 A at F,100 metres from E

If each line conductor has a resistance of 0.01 ohm per 100 metres ,calculate the current supplied from substations A and B and the voltage across each load.

7)   Expalin the methods of solving AC Distribution problems .

8)   Derive an expression for the voltage drop for a uniformly loaded distributor fed at one end.

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