Microcontroller 2nd Assignment


  1. List the JUMP and CALL instruction. Describe Conditional JUMP Instruction
  1. Write a program to read 100 bytes of data from P1 and save the data in external RAM starting at 5100H Location.
  1. Differentiate the following terms:

(I)          SJMP VS LJMP


(III)      Reading input pins vs Port latch

  1. How many addressing modes are available in 8051? Explain each one with example.
  1. Explain the following terms:

(i)                  MOVX A,@DPTR

(ii)                MOVC A,@A+DPTR

(iii)              MOV A,@R0

(iv)               BIT directive

(v)                 EQU directive

  1. Elaborate the term reading input pins vs. port latch.
  1. What is read-modify-write feature in 8051? Enlist the instructions used for this purpose.
  1. Enlist & explain different addressing mode in 8051 with suitable example.
  1. Write a program to get the x value from P1 & send x2 to P2, continuously.

10  Write a program to convert:

(i)          Hexadecimal to decimal

(ii)        Packed BCD to two ASCII numbers

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