Break Points and code stepping


Breakpoints are the foundation of visual basic debugging. When Breakpoints are set in a program and program is run, program execution continues until it encounters the breakpoints. At that time program execution stops, making visual basic enter debug mode.
BReakpoint is placed by going to a line and pressing F9. It appears in red.

One execute the lines following a breakpoint by single stepping.


This is simply executing code one by one. We can use single stepping options to code step, which are in debug menu:

  1. Step into :- Single step through the code, entering the code in called procedures if procedure calls are encountered. Shortcut F8
  2. Step Over :- Single step through the code, stepping over procedure calls. Shortcut Shift + F8
  3. Step out  :- Step out of current procedure. Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F8


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