Properties Window and Object Browser


  • This is the window that allows us to set properties of selected object. For example on selecting command button we can change its caption in the property window.
  • Property of an object appears in the window when we select any object with the help of a mouse in the design form. To change or examine the property  just select the property and click on it to examine and to change it just click to current settings to change it.
  • There are 2 types of properties to change. That is the Runtime and the Design Time. Property window only deals with the design time properties. To work with the runtime property interactively microsofts provides utilities such as ActiveX Control Test Container.


  • Another way to list the properties of the object is by using Object Browser which can be opened from Toolbar. This provides with an overview of all objects in a project, including their propertes and methods and what parameters to pass.


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