Visual Cortexes: Brain and art, aesthetic value of neuroscience


LA MIE DE BRAINTranslated as "crumbs of the brain," this illustration of the cerebral cortex depicts the transition in early research of major regions to detailed modern analyses.Neuroscientists in the past century first mapped major brain regions (primary colors), but modern researchers are now studying connected structures at the cellular level. Vector arrows highlight major pathways between brain regions.


INSIDE-OUTSimon Drouin, a research assistant at McGill University in Montréal, created this illustration of an MRI brain slice digitally tattooed on his likeness.


SLICES OF LIFEOn a vine-covered wall, MRI brain scans of happy minds and sad minds mingle.Artist Mireia Guitart collaborated with neuroscientist Simon Surguladze of King's College London to create the work, and she said it is meant to show how similar areas of the brain are activated in response to each emotion."This was one of the favorites in the competition," Margulies says. The work earned runner-up in the abstract category.

4 thoughts on “Visual Cortexes: Brain and art, aesthetic value of neuroscience

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