Interconnected grid system

The connection of several generating stations in parallel is known as interconnected grid system.

Several Advantages

(i) Exchange of peak loads : An important advantage of interconnected system is that the peak load of the power station can be exchanged. If the load curve of a power station shows a peak demand that is greater than the rated capacity of the plant, then the excess load can be shared by other stations interconnected with it.

(ii) Use of older plants : The interconnected system makes it possible to use the older and less efficient plants to carry peak loads of short durations. Although such plants may be inadequate when used alone, yet they have sufficient capacity to carry short peaks of loads when interconnected with other modern plants. Therefore, interconnected system gives a direct key to the use of obsolete plants.

(iii) Ensures economical operation : The interconnected system makes the operation of concerned power stations quite economical. It is because sharing of load among the stations is arranged in such a way that more efficient stations work continuously throughouts the year at a high load factor and the less efficient plants work for peak load hours only.

(iv) Increases diversity factor : The load curves of different interconnected stations are generally different. The result is that the maximum demand on the system is much reduced as compared to the sum of individual maximum demands on different stations. In other words, the diversity factor of the system is improved, thereby increasing the effective capacity of the system.

(v) Reduces plant reserve capacity : Every power station is required to have a standby unit for emergencies. However, when several power stations are connected in parallel, the reserve capacity of the system is much reduced. This increases the efficiency of the system.

(vi) Increases reliability of supply : The interconnected system increases the reliability of supply. If a major breakdown occurs in one station, continuity of supply can be maintained by other healthy stations.

12 thoughts on “Interconnected grid system

  1. The chief disadvantage of interconnected power system is the cost of interconnection.However in comarison of benefits derived from this system,the cost is very small.Active power is drawn by load from load buses.Note that the voltages of buses and their phase angles are affected by power flow and vice-versa.

  2. hey, i was wondering if you have something about supply reliability evaluation of interconnected power system, related with network/loop/meshed system.

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