Key diagram 11kv/400v

Key diagram 11kv/400v

(i) The 3-phase, 3-wire 11 kV line is tapped and brought to the gang operating switch installed near the sub-station. The G.O. switch consists of isolators connected in each phase of the 3- phase line.

(ii) From the G.O. switch, the 11 kV line is brought to the indoor sub-station as underground cable. It is fed to the H.T. side of the transformer (11 kV/400 V) via the 11 kV O.C.B. The transformer steps down the voltage to 400 V, 3-phase, 4-wire.

(iii) The secondary of transformer supplies to the bus-bars via the main O.C.B. From the busbars, 400 V, 3-phase, 4-wire supply is given to the various consumers via 400 V O.C.B. The voltage between any two phases is 400 V and between any phase and neutral it is 230 V. The single phase residential load is connected between any one phase and neutral whereas 3- phase, 400 V motor load is connected across 3-phase lines directly.

(iv) The CTs are located at suitable places in the sub-station circuit and supply for the metering and indicating instruments and relay circuits


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