The Lost Treasures Of The World -l

There are many instances of lost treasures remaining unfound yet all over the world. This thought of huge wealth somewhere lying in the world itself is tempting. There is a may be – may not be case in every instance of unfound treasure though. Either they are just myths or have probably been ‘recycled’ long ago. If anyone knows the truth then they haven’t come forward to prove it yet. Still there are many treasures worth searching for. Some of them are as follows, and the facts are likely to prove that they exist. It may astonish you.

1. Oak Island – Money Pit

Oak Island is a 140 acre privately owned island situated in Canada, which is treasure hunt site for more than 200 years. It is said to have a Money Pit in it, protected by a series of traps, though many critics argue about the fact and says there is no treasure and that the pit is a natural phenomenon, likely a sinkhole. Many treasure hunters have ventured to Nova Scotia, Canada to hunt the money pit, but it was all in vain.


There is an interesting story which led to the discovery of the fact. In 1795, Daniel McGinnis, a 16 years old lad, found a clearing in front of an old oak tree bearing the marks of unnatural scarring, which indicated a depression beneath the tree. Daniel along with two friends of his dug the marked area and gradually started to find packed logs at different intervals. With unrelenting expedition nine years later they found a stone which had an inscription: “Forty Feet Below Two Million Pounds Are Buried”.


From 1866 – 1959, 7 more expeditions were made but none of them was successful. Strange manmade constructions have been recovered from the pit over the years, but till now, the treasure still remains buried. Neither the treasure hunters nor the critics are sure about what exactly a money pit is and who created this mysterious structure.

2. Treasure of the Knights Templar:

Knights Templar is a small island on the fog cloaked coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, which is also seemingly conceal a magnificent treasure. Its apparently contains massive amounts of gold and silver bullion, the crown jewels of royal European families, religious art pieces sacred to both Judaism and Christianity.

The Knight Templar have been linked to the mystery of Oak Island by many as they both have similar history records which suggests that they both had the intension to deposit treasure in the Money Pit. ‘The Knights Templar’ was actually a military and religious band of man, who used to protect the highways of the holy land. The Kings of Paris used to deposit their wealth and gold in literally world’s first ever bank, which can only be withdrawn in Jerusalem. Now this Templar started to grow immensely and when Jerusalem and Holy Lands were lost to the Islamic rules, the Templar had been dumped to save it from French King. When this Knights templar colony died, this became anonymous and it’s still a mystery what happened to that Templar treasure.

3. The Amber Room:

This is a chamber of entire decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf, semiprecious stones and mirrors. Because of its marvelous beauty, it was once upon a time called as the “Eighth Wonder of t he World”. The King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I, made this room which would be of $142 dollars worth now. He later gave it to the ruler of Russian Empire.

But this room was lost during World War II , after air raids and a savage ground assaulted the city.
On June 22, 1941, Adolf Hitler initiated Operation Barbarossa, which launched three million German soldiers into the Soviet Union. The invasion led to the looting of tens of thousands of art treasures, including the illustrious Amber Room, which the Nazis believed was made by Germans and, most certainly, made for Germans.

As the forces moved into Pushkin, officials and curators of the Catherine Palace attempted to disassemble and hide the Amber Room. When the dry amber began to crumble, the officials instead tried hiding the room behind thin wallpaper. But the ruse didn’t fool the German soldiers, who tore down the Amber Room within 36 hours, packed it up in 27 crates and shipped it to Königsberg, Germany (present-day Kaliningrad).

In 1979 efforts began to rebuild the Amber Room at Tsarskoye Selo. After a long reconstruction, Russian craftsmen completed in with the finance provided by Germany. The original Amber Room is said to be the world’s priceless and greatest lost treasures.

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