Scared if this movies turn into reality ……

It’s kind of my frame of  mind  to imagine the movies i watch in to the real world , but the zombie movies scare the hell out of me , its not just those ugly faces & the cannibalism that scares me , but the living people , in that scenario , the way they would react , HUMANITY at its stake , the question arises:
– Would people HELP each other , if it comes down to this extreme ?
– Would Humanity find it s way to survive through this apocalypse ??
– Would Survival of the fittest turn into the prime logo of the new world ???

The movies always show that hope will be the only weapon left in those crucial times , & that all we would have is each other’s back , that we would fight till the end to survive , but is that HOW  will react ??Deep down, these schlocky horror flicks are asking some of the most profound questions:
What is life? Why does it depend on killing and consuming other life? Does this cruel reality of survival have any intrinsic meaning? 

I mean come on lets be frank in here , even when there is an ordinary situation in our day – to – day life , when we have to help someone at the risk of our own , do we go that far and help them out ? If yes how many times ? It’s not the dear ones i am talking about , it s about a stranger , than how can we rely upon this instinct that we will be each other’s side !

The zombie apocalypse would no doubt bring society as we know it to an end, as portrayed in Romero’s excellent zombie movies. We’re talking about an undead ground force rising up and growing exponentially everywhere simultaneously. The army are not prepared to deal with this and would utterly fail.

Perhaps some cities would fare better than others, some even able to maintain some kind of order but ultimately, all but the strongest shelters would fall under the undead march.

The esteemed cineaste Robin Wood declared that the zombie’s cannibalism “represents the ultimate in possessiveness, hence the logical end of human relations under capitalism.”

The final question is who would posses more threat a human without a soul or a human with its soul still intact ??Ask Yourself this question & honestly reply to your heart , What would you do ??

~if the dead were to rise and feast on the living it would pose an equal or greater threat to that portrayed in zombie movies……………………….

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