We are internally Hard-wired not to live alone !!!



I know you have heard this lot , but this fact never goes old, that we just can’t live this life alone. Even in those times when we feel a deep desire to move away from everyone and live our lives in total isolation, something in us reminds us that we were created for relationship.

We all are familiar with  the story of Robinson Crusoe &  his life alone on that island, how the most memorable & happiest moment on that island for him was meeting another man, he couldn’t understand his language but was relieved to have come across a human after such a long period of time.

I know of people who live alone and only connect with other people through chatting, phone calls, e-mails, etc. They go out sometimes, and encounter strangers, but most of the time, they are alone. They manage, but I don’t know if they are content with that. Some might be, some might not be. I know of people who like being alone as well, but there is more to that than just simply loving being alone.

But what if there is no one at all? Like in Robinson Crusoe’s island, with no other human beings to see, no other voices to hear, no phone calls, no internet, no letters.. is it possible for man to survive well all alone until his death?

Well  I know my answer would be an obvious “No” . We cannot live alone, simply  because early or late, we will feel like we needs someone to communicate with, we needs affection also.

I know most of you would argue that , its possible to stay alone , and people do that , ya maybe , but than there is a price to pay for that, the loneliness drives you insane. Have you ever thought about the people you know that are alone and they are a tad bit crazy?

People need someone to be with… although your companion doesn’t have to be a person. Take the movie I Am Legend as another example. Will Smith only had his German Shepherd. At the very least, Smith felt that he was not completely alone. He still had someone he could count on to watch his back.

We don’t even have to take ‘aloneness’ in a literal sense. If, say, I were surrounded by people. All faceless. And here I am nursing this really big emotional wound. I NEED someone to talk to. I NEED someone to be with. A friendly face and some sort of reassurance so I WON’T feel alone with a burden I can’t handle.

Living alone without any contact to other sentient being is a heavy burden to the psychology of human mind.Every human in this worlds, including the loners and shut in, have an tendency to commute with each other. Yes, this can be done through internet (That’s where those shut-ins were born, Internet). Without any contact with other human being, it’s only a matter of time before the logical thinking capability of the lone being reduced into sheer will of surviving. With no logical thinking, the lone being will have loss what we call as “Humanity”

I am like Yes and No for my part. I can live by myself, but I constantly need some attention.

Quote of the day by ― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games:
“I realize, for the first time, how very lonely I’ve been in the arena. How comforting the presence of another human being can be.”



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