The undiscovered side of YOU – – – >

Sometimes you notice someone is too ordinary to fit into ordinary group of people , and that same someone is picked and placed in the group of the most un-ordinary people , and it comes to that extent that ‘someone’ is even more better than them !!

Why is it ? How come a person gone unnoticed suddenly turns into someone so powerful you can never imagine , what was that was blocking the view ?? Why not before ?? Why Now ??

It doesn’t make sense , but it s a fact , some people do not FIT in to the system , and they are the one who bring changes to the System …. It ‘s not easy to change the Rules that are going on for so long that you don’t even remember , but you know there s something that doesn’t seem right in it , But if anyone dares to change , they are crushed .

It s not a work for just an ordinary people , the change can be initialize by the  one who doesn’t belong to the system , only that person can dare to change it , the history has witnessed such changes , whether it is Martin Luther King or Hitler , some lost the track & went the wrong way , power blurred their vision , cause that s the effect power holds …..

And some never found the way , and were lost even before they could realize that they had that light in them , the key stays in unleashing that other side of you , finding what you were suppose to do , it may not be great or it might be some thing extra ordinary , you would never know that if you don’t push yourself to that extreme point , where that other side of you is released ……

There are two kind of people , leaders or warriors who fight bring the change , sacrifice their life , and the other are the followers , the disciples , who have to make sure that the path is followed, and the sacrifice is not gone in vain ….

Now the question lies : How to discover that ?? How to know what you are supposed to do ??? How to know who you are ???? and which path are you suppose to follow ?????

Sometimes the answer is shown to you by someone , sometimes it s only you who can reach the your destiny , but their are little clues you left for yourself unknowingly in your life , think ,& think very deeply , cause those memories are hold tightly , safely in your subconscious mind …………………….

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