Dubai : Construction Against Nature !!!

Dubai is well known for its enormous construction & experimenting with the design , it was alright till it was synchronized with nature , like building Burg Khalifa , considering all the nature ‘s aspect wind and balancing on the ground .

But than Dubai expanded its experiments , and started making man-made islands ,  These Islands were built of sand dredged from the bottom of the gulf. It is not structurally stable and is in the middle of a big body of water. Between tides and liquefaction there was no hope for them in the first place.They are building temples on sand foundations…To build temples on sand foundations is foolish enough on dry land, let alone in the middle of the ocean.

Now not only is it making island on water , but beneath the surface it is disturbing the marine life ecology ,  From the air, The World and Palm projects create a highly visible impression on the landscape of Dubai. And back down at sea level, significant changes in the marine environment are leaving a visual scar of another type. As a result of the dredging and redepositing of sand for the construction of the islands, the typically crystalline waters of the gulf of Dubai have become severely clouded with silt.

Construction activity is damaging the marine habitat, burying coral reefs, oyster beds and subterranean fields of sea grass, threatening local marine species as well as other species dependent on them for food. Oyster beds have been covered in as much as two inches of sediment, while above water, beaches are eroding with the disruption of natural currents.

The recent survey has been showing that the land is sinking in the sea on the newly made : The world islands , ofcourse the dubai government and their geologist are denying any such process happening , but the inside scoop says it all , maybe its just a beginning and they would cover it for now , but if you are playing against nature , you will pay the price .
Well I am in favor of new technologies , and reaching a new height of architecture and design but not on the cost of degrading the nature , you cannot go on the path of new world , by crushing the nature , it should both walk parallel , and both complimenting each other .

In short summing up all the problems that has been involved in this new construction of : The World Island is
The construction of the various islands off the coast of Dubai has resulted in changes in area wildlife, coastal erosion and alongshore sediment transport, and wave patterns. Sediment stirred up by construction has suffocated and injured local marine fauna and reduced the amount of sunlight filtered down to seashore vegetation. Variations in alongshore sediment transport have resulted in changes in erosion patterns along the UAE coast, which has also been exacerbated by altered wave patterns as the waters of the Gulf attempt to move around the new obstruction of the islands.
It is not a surprise that  Dubai’s megaprojects have become a favorite cause of environmentalists ,

“The islands are gradually falling back into the sea,” Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, for Penguin Marine, said. The evidence showed “erosion and deterioration of The World islands”, he added.

“If you build on a low coast like that you’re exposing yourself to dramatic consequences, a high wave or high sea, or even if the sea rises,” said Frederic Launay, director of World Wide Fund for Nature in Abu Dhabi.

Thought of the Day :

Human civilization is not something achieved against nature; it is rather the outcome of the working of the innate qualities of man.

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