Social networking is ruining your real time Fun !!

If you just walk down the street, it seems hard to imagine that the generations before us survived without cell phones, let alone smartphones. Everywhere you go, on sidewalks, in crosswalks and in cars, at dinner parties and in restaurants and cafes, in work meetings, at the gym and at playgrounds, people are engrossed in their phones, talking, emailing, texting, “checking in,” and tweeting and Facebooking the moment.

But these people are missing the real moment. They are so engaged with their phones that they are missing out on important time with their families, friends, and the community. When one of my Facebook friends posted that she was in line for ice cream and the kids were driving her crazy, my first thought was that if she were paying attention to them instead of Facebooking, they probably wouldn’t be acting out.

I miss that time when office work was limited to only offices , but now , you can do it from anywhere , it just makes the situation worse than better , you won’t get time off even when you live your office !!
It irritates me when attending any events  , people are so desperate to click pics , just for the mere sharing on social networking sites. & not for purpose of storing it as part of memories …..

When you have installed , messenger service like whatsapp , that you added for staying in contact & keeping in touch with everyone , just gets on your nerves , cause people keeps on chatting in real time , and than they want you to reply as soon as you receive it , come on , inbox system was still much more better , atleast you get to reply on your own time!!

People get depress when they don’t get enough likes as their friends , & keep on checking their status every minute
since they posted it , to see how much likes it has received , its more important issue than there real life problems , lolz, that makes me laugh , everyone wants to be popular …… & they think the only way to be is getting highest likes on Social networking sites ….

Mark Zuckerberg indeed Set the trend , but he became popular by making this site , by doing something that was not done in the pretty fashion before , so if you wanna be popular , get fame , & all that desires , stop checking status & others profile , & do something —>

“Think like a publisher, not a marketer.” – David Meerman Scott,

The words say it all , you need to express , that s okay , but you don’t need to promote it … know the difference , & than feel the difference !!

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