The signs …. we might be in Real Zombie Apocalypse

There has been a huge surge in news stories about zombies over the last week or two and this has no doubt a result of a certain incident that took place recently in Miami. In fact the fascination in zombies has become so great that the term “zombie apocalypse” has become the third most searched term on Google and even the federal government has got itself in on the action with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a tongue in cheek statement about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

The statement from the CDC said “CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms),” This means the federal government is officially stating that there is no threat of a zombie apocalypse.

Of course this is just the sort of thing you would expect the federal government to say when there is a threat of a zombie apocalypse so here we are taking a look at 4 Real Life Events That Prove a Zombie Apocalypse is About to Start.

->Shrewsbury Man Eats His Wife

On Friday the 6th of April 2012 a 79 year old man named, Jieming Lie was arrested a day after his 73 year old wife was found dead at their home with her arm severed. According to court papers filed by prosecutors Jieming Lie was found by his son eating flesh from his wife’s body and had already gnawed through her arm with his teeth. It is also alleged that when Liu was found by his son he said, “This is not your mother.”

Liu apparently later told police that he had acted in self-defence but police have since charged him with murder and are said to be concerned that he may be showing signs of dementia.

Of course for those of you wondering about the possibilities of a zombie apocalypse you may wonder whether Liu was defending himself from his wife who had become a zombie and maybe he himself was now a zombie.
->Man Throws Own Intestines at Police

On the 29th of May 2012 in Hackensack, New Jersey a 43 year old man named Wayne Carter allegedly cut out his own entrails in front of police and then went about throwing pieces of his own flesh and intestines at them. The entire incident apparently took place after Carter barricaded himself inside his own home.

According to a news source police had received a call which made them believe Carter was threatening to self-harm himself with a knife. Police quickly made their way to the home of Carter and kicked in his front door and found him sat in the corner of his living room. Carter then allegedly ignored requests from the police to put down his knife and at this point he began to stab himself in the abdomen, neck and legs. Police made an attempt to pepper spray Carter but it failed to subdue him. It was at this point that he began to throw bits of his own skin and intestines at the police officers.

It wasn’t until a SWAT team was called in that the police was able to subdue Carter. Amazingly, despite the fact he has disembowelled himself, Carter is still alive and in hospital where he is said to be in a critical condition.

I am sure that you will agree having heard this report that it is highly unlikely any normal person could do such a thing and survive. Authorities are blaming the incident on mental illness or drugs but in our opinion this is yet another clear indication that a zombie apocalypse is underway.

->Student Eats His Roommates Brains

Yet another incident that took place in late May of 2012 and is a clear indication of a zombie apocalypse. This particular incident took place in Baltimore.

A 21 year old Morgan State University student named Alexander Kinyua admitted to police that he had murdered his roommate and then ate his brain and heart. Police were tipped off about the murder when Kinyua’s father called the police after his brother had found human remains (a head and two hands) in a metal tin which had been hid in the family basement.

When police arrested Kinyua following the tip off he allegedly confessed what he had done upon questioning. Apparently Kinyua ate his roommate’s heart and brains and dumped the rest of the remains behind an old church.

It is still unclear as to what, if any, motives were involved and investigations are still on-going but yet again we are betting this is even more proof of a zombie apocalypse.

->Man in Miami Eats a Man’s Face

And finally the incident in Miami, Florida which many believe was the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse outbreak. A 65 year old homeless man, Ronald Poppo lay at the side of a busy road when he was randomly attacked by a naked man, Rudy Eugene.

Eugene spent nearly 20 minutes assaulting Poppo at the side of the road, stripping him naked and eating off most of his face off while the cars that passed by ignored his cries. It was not until police shot and killed Eugene that the attack finally ceased.

Authorities are claiming that the attack was the result of Eugene ingesting a potent designer drug named, Bath Salts but since the attack there have been several other zombie type attacks which have been reported in America and many believe that Bath Salts as an explanation is nothing more than a cover story.

So, there you have it four different events which all point to the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse. What is your view on this? Are these simply random and violent attacks and murders or is this just the beginning of a worldwide zombie apocalypse?


5 thoughts on “The signs …. we might be in Real Zombie Apocalypse

  1. I remember the last story… are the others real as well? I can’t even honestly “like” the post–it’s too disturbing. And if all those stories are real, perhaps humor is not the best approach.

  2. I know it makes u feel sick …. but sometimes the harsh truth is best expressed with the touch of humor , not to make it sound funny , but to draw the attention without freaking out at the very first instant !!

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