LAZY hours ….. Calm Weekends…. Carry On …..

Waking up in a good mood…for no real reason

Since quite a days , time has been passing just like that , nor so fast neither that slow … a steady pace… & so has the weather , clouds just passing by , like a long smooth drive …

Days without any hectic schedule , days without boring moods , calm weekends , & maybe one of the most peaceful vacation i ll have before Life takes its twist & turns , Who knew  the most peaceful days would just arrive after the most confusing days ….

But than : Dawn comes after the Darkest Hour

It s the small pleasures i enjoy that are worth more than anything money can buy, like walking in the park  at sunset and flying paper airplanes from the balcony , singing in the shower (now that can be torture to the ones who have to bear me listen)  , but overall , keeping calm & carrying on makes you feel happy !!

I also stumble upon this pic on facebook , I had no idea this poster is now a global icon , I thought it is pretty cool to see that there is truly a nice story behind it. It’s plain and simple and has a nice touch of history to it.


I realized to enjoy life its not some big, hilarious event. The majority of life is very ordinary. It s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then back to Monday & it goes on ….

I think if everyone starts enjoying this little things in life , they would be much more happy , than they are now , round the clock thinking about future won’t change your future BUT definitely ruin your present , Its not like you have to Read a 1000 page book to find out how to live happy , neither is there any degree or Phd , there is no magic pills that would bring you the real happiness in your life.

Here are the few pics that brings smile on my face …


I am always running late ,& even taunted for that , so this one indeed makes me feel proud & i give that smile , like , now what ha ? Am On Time .. 😀


This one is really important one, no explanations….. no words can describe this feeling !!


Only the ones using laptop can understand this feeling , its like saved from time-bomb , you just plugged into the right time …. 🙂


This one never gets old , i am always able to find , few coins in my jeans & my compass box

so find your moments of the day , smile , World s burden is not on your head , Try to make yourself happy …

Quote Of the day :
Life is too short to complain …. so Enjoy …..

Have a happy calm peaceful weekends !!

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