Teenage Dreams

So technically I have completed teen-age , but I still love to be that teenage girl , so hyper , full of excitement , those butterfly feelings jumping in the stomach , the not so important topics to worry about ….

It reminds me all those First things that we try in our Teen phase , the most memorable (embarrassing moments included) happens in our life during this phase , we are big enough to act independent , the Very First things we try,
the first Moped drive , the first crush , the first date , the first part time job , the first concert , the first heart break …. so many list of the very first things …. & those are the experiences we never forget .

A diary we always wanna read when we look back at time ,  the make overs we go through , the frustration that clouds our mind, the mistakes we make , new phobias we adapt , some psychologist also refer the Teen phase as one of the darkest phases in human life , a stage , which changes people ‘s lives for ever ….. But whatever people say , my favorite phase in life is gonna be the teen phase , cause childhood as people say :

Childhood is like being drunk
Everyone remembers what you did, except you !!

so how can it be my favorite , when i don’t remember what i did !!

Teenage is not something you could describe , or understand if you have not gone through the real teenage life ,
its like a  A song, a poem, a story? adventure, romance, or something gory? Should I rhyme?

Friendship means like a world , when you are a teen , your life revolves around that , the fights , the controversy , the parties , the nightouts , the risks , everything you do , is influenced by your friends , that is not something that s gonna happen when you are adult , we start thinking more individualistic , our decisions are based on our expectations of future , but as a teen as i said , friendship means a world ….

I believe we learn a lot during our this phase ,  I’ve learned about the world, and my knowledge has allowed me to relax, and accept things for what they are. One of the best things I’ve learned in my teen phase is these little things don’t really matter.I also learned to let go of things , holding on would just make life stressful ….

Even the reason behind my favorite shows  like The vampire diaries , teen wolf , game of thrones , is my love for this teenage life , i know some people say it is the toughest phase & all that stuff , but life turns out to be even more tough in later years , but just because we are mature enough to deal with it , we don’t feel that emotion that we experienced when we were teenagers !!

Teenage life  is like riding a roller coaster. When it starts you want it to stop, but when it stops, you want it to start again……….

5 thoughts on “Teenage Dreams

  1. I’m 22 now and I’m missing my teen age too…love the way you write…
    “Childhood is like being drunk
    Everyone remembers what you did, except you !!” That’s the eye catcher.

  2. And I don’t miss it. Missing something means you have already finished, gave up, left in the past. I’m 28 but still feel a teen inside. And this is great! Becoming older and wiser doesn’t mean becoming “a stone”. life is so colorful and diverse, every day you may try something new, be an explorer, feel excitement of a first step… My hubby is a teen of 43… But now I know that if you are a teen by your nature, the biological age never mind.

  3. wow , you are one step ahead of me , becoming older just means you have got more experience & you have explored a bit more than before , but that should never stop you from exploring more ….. yeah age should never matter ….

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