Never Back Down …..

Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days everyone does. I know it is hard to keep strong and keep moving on. But, you just have to rememeber tomorrow is a better day. You just have to have the courage to believe it will be. Every time I try something I have never done before , start something new , it is difficult , &  the first thought comes to my mind is lets not go any further , but than I just couldn’t live with that feeling that I stopped trying in the very beginning .So again I start & second time its less difficult than the first time , or maybe the problem is same but I just changed my attitude .

Some people are gifted while some train themselves , that’s the difference , but they both achieve things in life , the difference is the one who is gifted doesn’t has to put on as much efforts as the one who is trying to train , but once you decide what you want in life , there s no looking back , stop regretting what you lost in the past , its history , you can not change , but you can not waste your present .

People confuses this two feelings a lot , moving on & trying again … you move on when you feel you have given your best shot & now its not worth doing it all over again , while trying on is like you have n’t yet reached the peak of your intensity , there is still more you can do in it ….. most of people gets lost in choosing the right thing to do at the right time.

But one thing is sure , you can not give up without atleast trying it , you have to stay strong , it would hurt , believe me I know , but once the learning phase is gone , you would feel the happiness that you can’t express it , sometimes you have to prove it to yourself , all the things that happened in your life , all the things you suffered , you owe that much to yourself .

You might not know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice left to you ….

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do , It comes from overcoming things that once you thought you couldn’t Do,    you will discover your true self , your real strengths only when you go through the difficult phase , rainbows only appear when sun rays finds it ways through the dark clouds. Just believe in yourself , never let anyone s opinion about you stop you from doing it.

I don’t need to recall the stories of all great people who have made a remark in the history , by achieving success , by proving people wrong , by trying something impossible & showing it to the world it is possible , one thing is common they never gave up , they gave their best shot ……

Thought of the day :

Believe in yourself & all that you are . Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle .

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