It s a matter of choice ….

One of the most difficult task  for me (besides cooking) is choosing , selecting the right option at the right time , It s not like I don’t know what I want, its opposite of that , its like choices arrive to me in a way that I want it both , setting priorities is a way out , but again the same question , what is more important ….

Some choices are immaterial , like wearing white top or should I go with the black one , while some are more difficult choices , Attending family get together or going to the School reunion , it is difficult to choose , when both the sides matter to you , choosing one means disappointing the other .

Even choosing which fan team you are is tricky , do you want Elena to choose Stefan or Damon all the way , which team to support when both the teams have  your favorite football players Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi , such choices doesn’t effect your life , still you are not able to make a choice , think if the choices you are going to make are gonna change you life completely , like which field you wanna pursue your career , you love designing but you also have that passion of travelling !!!

Damn this choices , you always end up regretting , whole life is based on choices you made, & the if … condition , what if I had chosen that college , what would have happen if I had never missed that interview …. & more if ….

Only emotions are something where choices doesn’t come to picture, you dont choose to fall in love with a wrong person , you just do , you didn’t meant to have those hatred feelings for family , but you do , you envy someone the moment you saw them , its an impulsive reaction ….

I always end my posts with a conclusion but than I know what are the deals , but when it comes to choices I am still trying to figure out a big deal in my life , so this post is going to be  the one post I never ended , atleast not yet …

Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.

You are making a risk with your choice, as you are leaving it up to chance whether it will be a good one

2 thoughts on “It s a matter of choice ….

  1. I agree that some choices can change our life completely. sometimes, when we make the wrong choice we end up regretting, complaining, and blaming. one thing i learned about making choices is that no matter how good or bad our decisions or choices, if we make them happily and responsibly and we are ready for the outcomes, there is no regret. there is no looking back. there are no “ifs”. it’s like riding a bus and you don’t know if you can arrive in your destination but still you enjoy the ride.

    nice blog, shammee..

  2. You have got a point , making choices by being responsible for taking all that comes on it ways , would reduce the intensity of regrets , i am right now just enjoying the ride as you said , you never know where you gonna end up, & not expecting would make it more interesting ….
    thx for stopping by & giving such a nice piece of advise 🙂

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