Y generation …

How do we feel? How do we feel?
My Generation is aching for real
Dying for love, crying for truth
My Generation is aching for You

Our generation the Y generation have been popular more for its negative publicity rather than the positive changes , yeah I admit we might have done the worst , but there is a lot good in our generation , that has not been exposed publicly . We are driven by passion & Dreams , rather than the high posts & degrees .We do not fear the risks , rather take it as challenge. Our innovation is not accustomed to public approval.


I have watched the X generation spend their money on velvet curtains. I have watched them stop reading books, stop voting in local elections, stop reading pages A-2 through A-10 in the daily newspaper. I have watched the X generation let money/salary become a proxy for respect, and then a synonym for respect, and then the only kind of respect that counts.Their generation adopt an unspoken creed of “culture consumption,” in which one really hasn’t lived unless one has consumed a little of everything, life as Dim Sum.
Our generation is called rude ,  retributive , & prone to drugs & alcohol , but No we are in no way pejorative ,we are smarter , passionate , creative & do not work for money but for love of our work. We may not have a pool of experienced nonprofit leaders to draw from, but we sure do have a pool of willing leaders to take their place.  The problem is, our leaders today are not embracing the new generation and sharing their knowledge, insight and skills.

Perhaps it is because we don’t speak the same language.  Each generation brings it own set of characteristics and how they can best be motivated and inspired.  Generation Y is no different and they come all tech-savvy right out of the box.  We want to be mentored,  want to learn & want to lead but we want to do it all within the context of having it all–a balance between home and work.

We are not reckless , or immature , we know our responsibilities & we carry them. We are trying to sustain the environment that has been damaged not by us , we love our friends whom we are not bounded by blood , rather than loving the relatives who don’t give a damn about us. We care about things that are really important, and do not do things which are just a show for society .

We are called Y generation for all the wrong reasons , rather I would say its whY generation , because we ask questions rather than just blindly following any predefined set of rules , we are curious , we do not like the traditional work set , we like to explore , try to do things differently , & more effectively .


We have watched in horror and shock as our parents, uncles, mentors e.t.c. worked punishing hours to make money…money they rarely had time to spend. We’ve graduated college with this idea that we would not suffer the same fate as the previous generation and hence have become more demanding.We don’t live to work, but work to live.


Yeah we are techno-buzz generation , but what is harm with that ,the work is completed faster , with less human labor , more effective & accurate , saves time , more secure & innovative ,&  all such positive features, than what is the problem !!!


The idea of dealing with mediocrity is not one the our generation like, we will not settle for anything they don’t deem worthy.We Don’t believing in  putting  our dreams in lock boxes, & invest years of  our life into a day job for the wad that is  expect to have at the end.We do not believe in absolutes. We have a sense of right and wrong, but it’s not black and white; it’s on a gradient scale of gray.


We believe, above all, in fairness. That nebulous, capricious ideal that means the world. The lack of fairness is deplorable to us. Any perceived intolerance puts you in Dante’s 9th circle. Racism, sexism, and inequality of any type burn us, and make us angry enough to fight.

We want it our way, we want it now, and we want it for nothing.



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