The 8th Deadly Sin ~~~


Regret is a strong power in this world. It plagues the mind and ruins even the most perfect day when allowed to run amuck.

People say they regret the things they don’t do more than the things they do. I agree most of the time. In part to feel alive and in part to not regret. Its a good rule of thumb as most of the time the things we fear are irrational and improbable. Knowing that, having been reared on the instructional lyrics of Van Halen and always having made myself do it.

But yet today I made the same mistake as others , so much stuck between cons & pros of doing a thing , I finally didn’t do it , &  I regret it now , that fraction of time when the coin is tossed in the air is the time you know which side you want it to flip , & I know it now , but time has slipped & now I am sitting here regretting it .

Damn it , this feeling is frustrating , but again now I know what I shall be doing if any such situation arises & I would have to make a decision , never let the cons let you deviate from taking the leap of faith , even your heart will play tricky games & would confuse you , that’s where you need to close your eyes , push all the thoughts , take a deep breathe & you would know the right answer …

Take it from me , there are some mistakes in life that will teach you , & some that will change your life forever , the trick is to know the difference between , & that answer can not be given by any book , website , or people , this one can only be made by you & you only ….


Thought Of the Day

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”
― Arthur Miller


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