Positivity will help survive


It would seem that optimism and positivity are in such short supply these days.  People become angry or discouraged so quickly, frustrated by trivialities and stressed by perceived slights.

I’ve been there.  It’s a dark path, where the only way to assert control is (seemingly) to cut down and destroy.  But there’s truly something to be said for creation, rebuilding, renewal.  That is the only way out of that spiral.

Its like a rabbit hole , once you fall it seems endless , & the ground would hit hard , to find a way back is the tricky part & the key is positivity , that is very much underrated by people .

If you let the small things bring down your world upside down , how are you gonna survive the big challenges if life .

I feel for these people.  It’s not a healthy place to be, but I wish them the best.  Life should never be a series of struggles.  Take joy in the little things and let the rest be.

Don’t let the cloud of negative energy blind you. Hold on to the string of FAITH & HOPE .

” When you have control over your thoughts, you have control over your life. “

7 thoughts on “Positivity will help survive

  1. Thanks for these amazing words of wisdom ; allowing myself to open up to the small things in life, has helped me to see the beauty in everything that surrounds me 🙂

    • Its good that you have allowed yourself to enjoy little joys of life , & I wish everyone would open up & look around the beauty that resides in their surrounding.
      thx for your beautiful thought 🙂

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