Very Inspiring Blog Nominations

So I am utterly new to this thing , & I have just been nominated by atoasttodragons & for that I am very Thankful to him.
So its a chain thing like you have to nominate 15 other blogs , that you follow particularly , so I am just going to add all such blogs that have inspired me at one or the other point  , so hereby I present you all such blogs :

1. A Toast to Dragons

No this is not a favor returned , I stumbled on to Matthew ‘s blog a long time ago, & ever since I have always been interested in his writings &  his amazing way of expressing his views. So cheers 🙂


A beautiful blog full of inspiring photos , he knows which factors play keen role in photography & always have something to say through them.


This blog gives you the news of the latest trends & has some very curious activities going on .

4. Bookish Temptations

I really love reading  reviews written by Tamie & her team , they provide genuine reviews on the latest novels ,especially circling young adult .

5. AmazinglyBrash

A very inspiring blog ,  &  have very optimistic view about Life


She is strong , sometimes very emotional , but than that helps her write so beautiful poems .

7. rubicorno

He is amazing at editing , he captures the most rarest places , monuments , & turn them into completely different …
I am always waiting for his next edition …

8. Air Cooled Underware

There is no specific genre to what he writes , sometimes there are very touchy posts , other time they are funny , I will call him a versatile blogger .

9. Carpe Diem

If you are looking for a blog with inspiring quotes & photos , than this is a blog you don’t wanna miss

10. St. John Studios

A blog totally full of creative arts & paintings , Check it out

11. Outre monde

If you have got a thing for science , conspiracy theories , facts , this is the right place for you >>

12. Neural Outlet..

This is a blog where you get to argue about weird science fiction things & stuff … lolz…

13. Arhitektura+

Now this is one blog which I ll relate with perfection , amazing posts related with architecture & designing

14. Muslim Reverie

He has amazing views on the latest news going around globally , I am glad I stumbled across it ..

15. Monstrous Appetite

A versatile blog about all random stuff taking place & addition to that photos with punch lines …

I guess this is the reason why i never get bored on wordpress …

6 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blog Nominations

  1. Thank you again! I’ve been absent lately from the wordpress community, but I would be more than happy to take this opportunity to get right back in it. I look forward to hanging around your blog more in the future (:

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