Back in the Game

Sometimes you get so tired , exhausted , that you leave everything behind & go on a vacation …
the first few days are AWESOME , you feel relived ….
but than you also know the fact you can’t live a VACATION forever , you need to get back …
& you realize that when something HITS you …
A flash , or a pop up , or a punch …

And than You are back in the Game , that’s what you are made for  , that’s what you are good at , sometimes there will be  rough patch , you might not feel you are yourself , you might get doubts , but that’s the tough times that you have to deal with, those are the times when you realize your strengths , that’s the time you become more strong …

You know you might feel you can’t do this anymore ,that you are out of practice , give yourself sometime to adjust , its basic human nature to feel out of the game when you don’t get to practice for a couple of days , but believe me , you never forget how to play once you have already mastered it.

You need to catch up with the updates , what you have missed when you were gone , you need to learn the new things , you have to keep your options open , you are good at the basics , now all you have to do adjust is to the updated version.

Maybe you have to form new strategies , but remember the methods you learned in your old school will be the one guiding you in crisis time . Stick up with the basics & you will do good .

Gear up for the next round >>>

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