Why we choose trouble …..

i knew you were trouble


The latest Taylor Swift’s song “I knew you were trouble ” forced me into thinking , why we  choose things that are bad for us …. Although we may not always realize it, we all make unconscious choices when we are attracted to someone. Relationships are already tricky things , they spin your head , & messes with your brain. There is this  habitual behavior, the past  memories and lets not forget expectations.So if you are in a damaged relationship and have picked the wrong guy or girl, disaster is almost sure to follow….

These choices are driven by a number of things, both positive and negative , People often have a weakness for the immediate gratification of a pleasant experience, even if it makes for a very poor decision. Gratification over the long term simply doesn’t deliver the same instant, feel-good & u end up with stack of questions …

-Why you’ve stayed in relationships with people you knew won’t bring  good  to you?

-Why you’ve attracted the kind of person that would bring out the other side of you?

-Why does being with that person is so important for you ?

Well there is this pattern , why people fall for the doomed relationship ….

we tend to bring trouble for ourselves

The first logical reason for it starts with the very basic The origins , where everything begins :THE PAST

When  someone has a particularly negative past, especially one from their childhood, they may seek to recreate this scenario so that they can figure out what went wrong with the original relationship and fix it, thus righting two wrongs.& they end up where they began with….

Another reason is what most people ignore even after its too obvious , the need … As human beings we all have needs – physical, emotional and spiritual and our problems come when we expect our partners to fulfill these. We are often attracted to people who have the same needs as us.

It’s funny, the things that haunt us…those little things of whose memories loom so much larger in our minds than they do in others’…regrets…percolating…boiling over…best to let them out, let them know…let it go…

SO rounding up it all comes to emotional programming , our emotional programming is simply a set of decisions and beliefs we made about ourselves, others, and the world in general when we were growing up ,  Each day that we were alive, we collected experiences, and each experience helped us form decisions about ourselves, and about people, about life.




7 thoughts on “Why we choose trouble …..

      • sorry for offending…!
        but its in contradiction, if we love ourselves then we won’t get to understand ourselves and if we know ourselves than its hard to love oneslf…!

        and there’s a thin line called confusion in which we get hang and hurt the unknowns or the loved ones… and due to these, we always choose the worst or ignore the good by false judgments…!

  1. Its okay Alex , you can express your viewpoint ,I won’t mind , well firstly I think if we understand ourselves and still don’t love ourself , than its like not accepting oneself with the flaws ,
    yeah it might happen we won’t like certain things about ourselves , we can change it for better , but that s no reason for not loving oneself ,

    We get confused with the difference between not liking certain part and hating oneself , if you are not capable of loving or accepting oneself , it becomes even more difficult to love others full heartedly …

    And yeah because of all this confusion we take wrong decisions , ….

    • you r right i guess…

      and yes i have a question…
      generally u write a hell-kick piece of blogs but ur post “CLOUDED THOUGHTS” is like a message to someone rather than a blog..! is it so..? or m i just got clouded…? 😀 😀

      • Sorry For such a late reply Alex,, got trojan problems , lolz…
        N e ways back to ur question ….
        the post Clouded Thoughts is more of conversation to myself , sometimes you need to think out loud ,so that it could make more sense … dts what i thought & so the clouded thoughts ….

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