Consumed by stories …. & the after effects ….

Book quotes



Its always the same with me , starting a new book , ends in two ways , either getting totally  consumed by it , or never finishing it in lifetime .For me  starting a book is like meeting someone new, someone you just know will be tremendously important to your life. You cultivate the friendship in slow motion, but in your heart all you want is to dive in.

Finishing a book is like watching that friend die of cancer. For all the good times you’ve had, no more will present themselves. The end is in sight, and you push toward it even though you dread the day that you close the cover for the final time, putting your friend irrevocably below the ground.

And then of course, finding the next book is like walking through a crowd and searching for a person who can fill the same void. You want to replicate that same relationship, but of course that’s impossible. No two people, no two books, are exactly alike. When you try to find the next one, you will either get totally mesmerized or the wave of disappointment would grow on you.

I love being wholly caught up in a book, but it also leaves me craving for more when it ends….

I wonder about the authors , how they write & the ink dipped into emotions , they cannot make you feel it unless they have felt it themselves while writing it …is it the same for them too …. the endless loop of ending one & beginning new, plunging into the sea of emotions , & surfacing back .

Some authors try to portray their personal feelings & longings , like Jane Austen was actually trying to tell us she was lonely and maybe all of the relationships we see in her novels are her dreaming or seeing what was around her. Kinda feel that it makes her novels more real.

While take a modern author,say John Green. This man’s stories are about life through and through,how teenagers see the world,how teenagers feel,how teenagers react in tragedy.

I feel like this need for more , it s  same for both, readers & authors , they try to tell us their stories , & somewhere we try to associate , or fantasize us in their picture ,& No I am not saying that my reaction anytime I read a story is seeing fireworks, hearing trumpets, bells and other hallucinatory stuff , I guess what i’m trying to say,is that books can change your life if they have a meaning to you that you look deep enough for it.

Thought of the day:

“No two persons ever read the same book.”

Edmund Wilson


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