Why You Should Choose a Career for Passion Not Profit

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As today’s youth enter the workforce, many are rejecting the concept of a career path.  As would-be investment bankers and consultants are rejecting big firms to try their talents at startups, students  are leaning towards careers where they can call the shots and have an impact. The result? People are getting jobs where they feel like their work is building a better world.  In a survey by the Talent Report, What Workers Want in 2012, 65% of students care if their work makes the world a better place.

IMG_2803However, changing the world is by no means the safe choice. It’s risky to reject the security of a proven career path and to tell your family that you’re rejecting a job that will guarantee you six figures in five years. But, here’s the top five reasons why you should be planning your career around a purpose, rather than chasing profit.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Choose a Career for Passion Not Profit

  1. You have to be passionate about what you choose. Some people are passionate about money and a particular lifestyle. So they choose a profession that will get them that. I have a good friend who I went to university with. His parents wanted him to become a doctor. And so, he went to med school after college. Then he trained in Detroit and he heads a substance abuse unit in a large hospital in a metropolitan area. But his true passion is film. So, he saves up all his money and splurges it on producing indie films.

    • Now , thats another way to pursue your passion , being financially stable , you can experiment & you can also take care of your responsibilities of your family.
      I am glad he didnt forget about his passion along his journey.

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