Down the rabbit hole …..

Its interesting how sometimes what you have watched , remains in your memory , & randomly flashes in your brain …until than you didn’t realized how much more to the story was…

There was this episode I watched of Supernatural series , the episode was called My Bloody Valentine … & I never gave it much thought , the words and the plot had so much depth. It goes like this , everyone was infected with famine , & the hunger got the better of them , except for one: DEAN; the reason why he was not affected by the hunger was simple , his soul was dead inside , there was this large hole that couldn’t be filled, & emptiness was all he had, no desire , no wishes , no hunger….


falling in abyss


Its different than the feeling of contentment its like you are falling down the rabbit hole ,& you don’t have anything to hold on to, you just keep falling indefinitely & consumed by more emptiness as you fall more deeply,you lose track of time , everything around you keeps moving & you just cant make anything of it.

The light starts fading & darkness starts pulling you from every side you don’t feel desire for anything , you are getting too cold , too numb , to feel the excitement for anything, everything feels quite , but this is not the comfortable silence , no its the sign of falling into abyss….

The key to it is wake up,its not easy, you need a very strong impulse,a powerful force to pull you out, that will startle you ,and you better do it before you hit the bottom , coz once you hit it, you might recover , but never fully , the injury you will have might be too severe to ever recover completely….

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