About Me ~ Shammee

I am a smooth talker, & good at getting what I want…

I am  never afraid to tell people what I think.I am very empathetic and genuine, I trust my gut instincts & I am  easily inspired by the things that touch my heart and  i trust that inspiration.

I can get a little emotional at times but it
does not take too long for me to get over things & move

I analyse things by looking at the big picture ;I tend to use a lot of metaphors and am very descriptive and colourful in my choice of language.I would say I am  very creative, and get bored easily if I don’t get to express myself. I like to learn new things. I don’t like the same old routine &  like to leave my options open.

I receive so much joy from my experimentation , that i can’t imaging living other way round.summing up I would say I am a half-glass full kinda person. I am flexible, socially oriented gal , & love fast pace >>>>


21 thoughts on “About Me ~ Shammee

  1. Very nice buddy.I am a writer and searching for talented writers like you,i founded your blog so good,as far it was marvelous.Hope you don’t mind to step into my blog and don’t forget to write your precious words at my blog 🙂
    Thank you,and moreover i liked your style ❤

  2. May I ask what source you used for this information?
    “Like all archetypes, the puer is bi-polar, exhibiting both a “positive” and a “negative” aspect. The “positive” side of the puer appears as the Divine Child who symbolizes newness, potential for growth, hope for the future. He also foreshadows the hero that he sometimes becomes (e.g. Heracles). The “negative” side is the child-man who refuses to grow up and meet the challenges of life face on, waiting instead for his ship to come in and solve all his problems.”

    I would like to incorporate it into my thesis yet cannot find a liable source to cite.

    Thank you! Great work!!!!

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