Consumed by stories …. & the after effects ….

Book quotes



Its always the same with me , starting a new book , ends in two ways , either getting totally  consumed by it , or never finishing it in lifetime .For me  starting a book is like meeting someone new, someone you just know will be tremendously important to your life. You cultivate the friendship in slow motion, but in your heart all you want is to dive in.

Finishing a book is like watching that friend die of cancer. For all the good times you’ve had, no more will present themselves. The end is in sight, and you push toward it even though you dread the day that you close the cover for the final time, putting your friend irrevocably below the ground.

And then of course, finding the next book is like walking through a crowd and searching for a person who can fill the same void. You want to replicate that same relationship, but of course that’s impossible. No two people, no two books, are exactly alike. When you try to find the next one, you will either get totally mesmerized or the wave of disappointment would grow on you.

I love being wholly caught up in a book, but it also leaves me craving for more when it ends….

I wonder about the authors , how they write & the ink dipped into emotions , they cannot make you feel it unless they have felt it themselves while writing it …is it the same for them too …. the endless loop of ending one & beginning new, plunging into the sea of emotions , & surfacing back .

Some authors try to portray their personal feelings & longings , like Jane Austen was actually trying to tell us she was lonely and maybe all of the relationships we see in her novels are her dreaming or seeing what was around her. Kinda feel that it makes her novels more real.

While take a modern author,say John Green. This man’s stories are about life through and through,how teenagers see the world,how teenagers feel,how teenagers react in tragedy.

I feel like this need for more , it s  same for both, readers & authors , they try to tell us their stories , & somewhere we try to associate , or fantasize us in their picture ,& No I am not saying that my reaction anytime I read a story is seeing fireworks, hearing trumpets, bells and other hallucinatory stuff , I guess what i’m trying to say,is that books can change your life if they have a meaning to you that you look deep enough for it.

Thought of the day:

“No two persons ever read the same book.”

Edmund Wilson


Are you a Believer ??



Twilight Breaking Dawn Finale once again makes a World Record of Global Opening , credit goes to Twihards , on the contrary of the ones who hate twilight series ….
The movie is famous for its happy ever after , & is hopelessly romantic , but is it a bad thing ?
Just like the movie has got two big clubs : Twihards vs Hateclub , the world is divided in people who believes in Happy Ever After & the other part who does not believe anything like that exist …

I am a more of a believer , people say hopelessly romantic as an offensive word , but I think of it as a positive word.Someone who believes in a true love. This true love endures time and circumstance in the hopeless romantic’s heart. This person is a believer and a dreamer. They do not qualify as a stalker because they don’t want to infringe on the rights of others.

Again they shouldn’t be confused by the hyper , pessimistic ,attention-seekers who put the cart before the horse and most likely burden their friends with expenses for their cry-baby behavior, never ending sad stories, their pessimism, & making the world revolve around themselves.

Well ofcourse the hopeless romantic ones believe in fairy tales and love But they’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is. They are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful. They like to see the best , all the negativity  are out weighed by the little positive they see . So how can they be hopeless , I think they are the ones who are so filled with hope . They don’t give up , They are stronger & that makes them unique.

The thing that might be a problem with the “hopeless romantics ” are that they care too much , Little things break them , & little things warm their hearts. They give a lot of emotion, which can be good or bad thing ~~

I think that we all need to be more patient with our lives and relationships, but that we’re too impatient to wait, so we end up heartbroken and give up on love before we even know what the word truly means It’s truly tragic…..

It is evident that most people do not understand the true value, meaning or definition of the word love. Admiration, caring and respect are the cornerstones of love. I’m not going to look up any definitions of love, it is plain and simple, either you do or you don’t. And those who cannot will never have known that there was something to live for.

With this , I am gonna wind up my not so perfect post on :
“It’s better to be loved & lost , than never to be loved at all”

Trapped in Materialistic Life …..


Its been so long , since I tried something new , did  something creative , even writing , I am just so trapped in the busy schedule of life , I would like to thank my last semester for keeping me so mentally exhausted , that all I do is come home , watch t.v ,check emails & go to bed .

This whole materialistic approach of the society , irritates me .There is something very  negative that generates from it, like ab evil form , that crawls inside you , & kills the passion slowly , it makes you numb , you even forget how you used to draw beautiful things just out of the blue , it blocks your mind , makes you very dumb as well , you just can’t understand why you are becoming like this, why are you life is seeming like a mechanical procedure , without any soul purpose. Its works like slow poisoning, kills you from within …

I realized it , I had to push it before it consumes me , it happens when we start entering into this adult life , that’s the reason why most of the adults forget about their passion & just live life mechanically , this is something that goes unnoticed , & so no one ever figures it out , as at how this evil spell works on such a large scale.Its sad how plastic & artificial  life has  become. It  gets harder & harder to find something …. Real .

There is this unseen force , an illusion , it works the same way like in casinos , they attract you showing their Grand prizes ,& let you win in the beginning , but that ‘s just the trick to elude you , once you just fall into their  trap, its difficult to walk away from that table , you just sit their losing more & more , in expecting of winning back . But you will never win , unless you get up , break that spell & move out of that casino.

Thats the same thing that happens in real life , this evil force attracts you in various forms , once you are trapped , you just repeating that same process , you get so fixed into that monotonous schedule , you even forget your own passions , the fire inside you quenches down , & you are left with boring meaning less materialistic life  . & the worst part is not yet finished ,  the worst part is you don’t even know what s wrong !!!

But if by any chances you wake up , break that spell , let yourself free , you still have chance to live a life you were suppose to , chase the dream you always had , figure out  the answers you always asked , be actually happy , have that pleasure of satisfaction , find that utter peace of mind that you never had.


All it takes is to know it , that s the key , & than everything will come back to you , your passion , your creativity , your smile , that relief , & that sound sleep ….

Thought of the day :

“But I do know we’re deficient in some way. We are too involved in materialistic things, and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.”
― Mitch AlbomTuesdays with Morrie


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far : Traffic


This week s theme is Near & Far ,I really thought a lot about it as in what concept  would really go with it.
and than it clicked my mind,  while I was driving home back from My friend’s home , there was heavy rainfall in the city , and all the roads where flooded , Even though I was near to my home , it seemed Far away.

Usually it takes me 5 min s to reach from my friend’s place to mine , but , it took almost 45 mins , &than I realized , no matter how fast our cars can drive , it won’t help in the real crisis. We can enhance the features of the car , but we cannot increase the dimensions of the land. Its like we have to still achieve something that looks so near yet its far …..

Thought on Traffic :
“A society sufficiently sophisticated to produce the internal combustion engine has not had the sophistication to develop cheap and efficient public transport?’
Yes, boss… it’s true. There’s hardly any buses, the trains are hopelessly underfunded, and hence the entire population is stuck in traffic”
Ben Elton, Gridlock

More the simple , More its Better !!

Simplicity is beauty , In the ever-changing world of advertising, one fact remains the same: Simple is better.  Here my reference is Vogue Magazine Cover , the more the simple pix they chose for their covers the more eyes they catch !!
It is necessary to eliminate the unnecessary , so that the more important things gets focus , the more adjectives creates more complexity .Here are few of the covers I picked , irrespective of celebs that are on it , I just wanted to express that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication .



Reasons Why You Failed ….

You failed ,not because you don’t deserve it , or you are a loser , you failed because you didnt put up as much efforts as much you were supposed to , or maybe because your methods were wrong . You don’t need to feel upset just because everyone can make it in first shot , & you couldn’t , some are slow learners , some have different mindsets than the normal average people , it doesnt make you loser , it makes you different , & so you would have to take a different method than the rest.

It happened in my life too , something very easy that everyone could do , I couldn’t , I always wanted to drive two-wheeler , but whenever i asked people who already learned it , used to ask me if you don’t know how to ride bicycle , how can you expect to ride a two wheeler , that s the basic thing , but I didn’t believed it , it took time for me to learn to ride , but I kept on trying  , & now I can even drive it with a single hand , yeah I never thought of learning bicycle ,but than I never wanted to in the first place.

It made me realize that , sometimes the normal rules don’t apply to you , just because everyone could learn the two wheeler only after they learned bicycle doesn’t mean it is gonna be the same for you , you need to understand this , if you are failing at something again & again , than there are two reasons ,
-> You are not putting as much efforts & hard work as required.
-> Or you have to change the method , something is wrong & is not fitting.

Get inspired  by  others, but learn to recognize that their methods might not work for you too , make your own methods , ways to tackle things that are difficult to you , even if they seem very easy to others ,

Life is full of screwups. You’re supposed to fail sometimes. It’s a required part of the human existance.” 
― Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride

Einstein  was thrown out of school , we all know that story , but that doesn’t mean he was a loser , he just had a different mindset than others, the thing that he found difficult was a very simple task for all his other classmates ,there is always something special about you that you fail to recognize , look harder & you will know it eventually  ….
Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will? So, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly, keep smiling. Because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about!

You can start by changing your perception , you can boost up your confidence by reading , by doing something new , learning something new , you can keep those things with you that might have inspired you while making efforts for your goal , I always listen to those energy booster songs while doing something that is a bit difficult for me , I keep pictures of  my dear ones in my laptop , those happy memories brings me smile when I am stressed up , I read my favorite novel that always motivates me  The Alchemist , &  Paulo Coleho is my inspiration . You can also look for your role models , who will inspire you , & help you in a way you never  thought  of .

Thought Of the day :

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Scared if this movies turn into reality ……

It’s kind of my frame of  mind  to imagine the movies i watch in to the real world , but the zombie movies scare the hell out of me , its not just those ugly faces & the cannibalism that scares me , but the living people , in that scenario , the way they would react , HUMANITY at its stake , the question arises:
– Would people HELP each other , if it comes down to this extreme ?
– Would Humanity find it s way to survive through this apocalypse ??
– Would Survival of the fittest turn into the prime logo of the new world ???

The movies always show that hope will be the only weapon left in those crucial times , & that all we would have is each other’s back , that we would fight till the end to survive , but is that HOW  will react ??Deep down, these schlocky horror flicks are asking some of the most profound questions:
What is life? Why does it depend on killing and consuming other life? Does this cruel reality of survival have any intrinsic meaning? 

I mean come on lets be frank in here , even when there is an ordinary situation in our day – to – day life , when we have to help someone at the risk of our own , do we go that far and help them out ? If yes how many times ? It’s not the dear ones i am talking about , it s about a stranger , than how can we rely upon this instinct that we will be each other’s side !

The zombie apocalypse would no doubt bring society as we know it to an end, as portrayed in Romero’s excellent zombie movies. We’re talking about an undead ground force rising up and growing exponentially everywhere simultaneously. The army are not prepared to deal with this and would utterly fail.

Perhaps some cities would fare better than others, some even able to maintain some kind of order but ultimately, all but the strongest shelters would fall under the undead march.

The esteemed cineaste Robin Wood declared that the zombie’s cannibalism “represents the ultimate in possessiveness, hence the logical end of human relations under capitalism.”

The final question is who would posses more threat a human without a soul or a human with its soul still intact ??Ask Yourself this question & honestly reply to your heart , What would you do ??

~if the dead were to rise and feast on the living it would pose an equal or greater threat to that portrayed in zombie movies……………………….