Being Nominated & My silly answers … ;)


The following are the questions I was asked to answer for the Liebster Blog Award! 

1.  What do you do for fun?

Re: Well my fun activities vary from hanging out with friends to reading a novel till cutting edge , exploring new places with friends to lonesome long drives , watching my favorite tv series to enjoying concerts. The definition of Fun for me is to living life to the fullest & trying different experiences .

2. What was your best vacation spot?

Re: Trip to Dubai last year . WOW, it was a life time experience , me & my sister went on to spend few days with my uncle & aunt who resides in Dubai, & we went there during the time of Christmas & New Year, perfect timing , moderate climate , awesome festivals to enjoy , it was the time of my life. It seems like somewhere in Dubai , I left a part of me….. lolz.. I have to go back 😉

3. What is your dream job? 

Re: Since the beginning of time , everyone has asked me this question , & I have always had this realistic answer to it , But now , I am not so sure , I know what I would love to do , I love to explore new places , I like learning about different culture , does that mean I should be in to tourism ? I have got a peculiar interest in antiques & history , so should I try field of archaeology ? I also enjoy organizing & managing events, that means event management is right for me ?

I am sorry , right now I am not so sure which field to try , so I can’t tell about the dream job …

All I can say about this is I am still trying to figure it out …

4. What is your dream car?

Re: Now this is a question I have en exact answer for . My dream car is :


I have got my eyes on it … lolz… 😀

5. What do you do for relaxation?

Re: I read my favorite novels with soft instrumental songs playing in the background , in my cozy corner . I feel so relaxed , its the best distraction I need …

6. What is your fondest childhood memory?

Re: This is a tricky question , coz you just can’t decide which one was the fondest of all …..I think  of all those times ,when me & my sister went looking for adventure , we always used to end up getting scolded , as something always used to end up messy …. but those are my sweet childhood memories, & I am glad I tried

7. Who made the biggest impact in your life?

Re: The answer to this might come as shocking to you , but I prefer honest reply rather than reasonable answer. I think books leave a big impact in your life , all your thinking , all your inner thoughts they just come on surface , & that one book which left such an everlasting effect is : The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It just made me question my sub conscious …..

8. How do you handle stress?

Re: I read it somewhere this quote which said : When a problem , or tension comes into your life , think , would it affect your life , two years later , if it won’t that why get stressed , think about the problem at hand with calm mind , & it would get sorted out , & If the problem is that big , that it would always have an effect in your life , than have faith in The Almighty , he never gives you problem without a reason , thinking & having faith helps me to deal with stress …

9. Tell me one thing about yourself you are very proud of?

Re: There were things that people used to say me that you won’t be able to do this , its impossible for you , & such stuff …
But I never gave up , I tried & tried , I had to do more efforts than others to get it , but finally I achieved it , & since than I have never learned to never give up on something you truly want …. & I am proud of myself for that spirit …. for being the inspiration for myself.

10. How was your day today? 

Re: Today , I didnt attended college , instead completed my pending weekday work , it was offday for me , from the college & usual routine day , I used most of my time today completing ma to-do-list.

11. What goal are you currently working on? 

Re: Right now, I am studying in my final year , so focusing on getting good grades , & I have got project on my hands to complete by the end of this semester, so it takes my full energy …


Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Award :) .  I had never given a close thoughts to the questions before , but while replying to you , it made me think about few important things , so truly thanks not only for nominating me , but also inspiring me in a way , your blog itself is very inspiring , do visit :

I am so glad to connect with you.


Here are the rules!

The rules are very simple – The rules for the Liebster are to thank the person who nominated you, answer the 11 question they have asked you, nominate 11 other people and ask them 11 questions in return. According to the guidelines the Liebster award should be sent to bloggers with less than 200 followers so that new bloggers can see how awesome they are!


My 11 nominees are

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These are the questions my nominees have to answer :)

1> What is your favorite thing to do?

2> What is your most memorable moment ?

3> What’s the story of your First Crush?

4> When were you really scared to death ?

5> What is the most silly thing you have tried?

6> Which is your favorite destination?

7> Do you believe in supernatural beings (If Yes than WHy?) lolz…

8> Who is your role model & why ?

9> Do you believe in destiny ?

10> What is your biggest strength & weakness ?

11> Which is your favorite quote ?

Thanks again everyone and congratulation to the nominees! 

Very Inspiring Blog Nominations

So I am utterly new to this thing , & I have just been nominated by atoasttodragons & for that I am very Thankful to him.
So its a chain thing like you have to nominate 15 other blogs , that you follow particularly , so I am just going to add all such blogs that have inspired me at one or the other point  , so hereby I present you all such blogs :

1. A Toast to Dragons

No this is not a favor returned , I stumbled on to Matthew ‘s blog a long time ago, & ever since I have always been interested in his writings &  his amazing way of expressing his views. So cheers 🙂


A beautiful blog full of inspiring photos , he knows which factors play keen role in photography & always have something to say through them.


This blog gives you the news of the latest trends & has some very curious activities going on .

4. Bookish Temptations

I really love reading  reviews written by Tamie & her team , they provide genuine reviews on the latest novels ,especially circling young adult .

5. AmazinglyBrash

A very inspiring blog ,  &  have very optimistic view about Life


She is strong , sometimes very emotional , but than that helps her write so beautiful poems .

7. rubicorno

He is amazing at editing , he captures the most rarest places , monuments , & turn them into completely different …
I am always waiting for his next edition …

8. Air Cooled Underware

There is no specific genre to what he writes , sometimes there are very touchy posts , other time they are funny , I will call him a versatile blogger .

9. Carpe Diem

If you are looking for a blog with inspiring quotes & photos , than this is a blog you don’t wanna miss

10. St. John Studios

A blog totally full of creative arts & paintings , Check it out

11. Outre monde

If you have got a thing for science , conspiracy theories , facts , this is the right place for you >>

12. Neural Outlet..

This is a blog where you get to argue about weird science fiction things & stuff … lolz…

13. Arhitektura+

Now this is one blog which I ll relate with perfection , amazing posts related with architecture & designing

14. Muslim Reverie

He has amazing views on the latest news going around globally , I am glad I stumbled across it ..

15. Monstrous Appetite

A versatile blog about all random stuff taking place & addition to that photos with punch lines …

I guess this is the reason why i never get bored on wordpress …

What’s it about writing !!! Same as Heart or Brain ~~~



So like every blogger , writer , author I had this conversation with my mind , what is it about writing ??
Its a very basic question yet its answers are the tricky part ….

I mean you can just go around & keep your ears open & go hunting for dialogue & use the best stuff you hear . Or you can write stuff that’s not quite what you heard , but kinda what you hear , but different somehow , Or you can make up your stuff entirely !!

So what does it mean one or the other way !!

Well my guess is , I have always thought that the true writers were the last kind .Writers like Tolstoy & Dickens & even Tolkien . They create a whole world out of nothing , or almost out of nothing , & you get the sense they know every twig & leaf in them . So they are kinda Gods in that way , creating this worlds , & than as God they walk us through these worlds like men , & they show us the way . I guess , I mean I always thought them as the true writers , the originals , the legends .

But than again like two sides of coin , there are other writers , who are more like  portrait writers , They are more interested in getting at the essence of a place or a person or of the world at a particular moment , in time . They are always searching for little moments of truth ~ chasing time ….

So what is it about writing , the emotions that are dipped in the ink should be real or the stuff should be real !

Yeah this is what i was talking about the tricky part …

Sometimes real life doesn’t give you all the right materials , So you have to invent something ~ out of the blue
something that is true to the feeling you had , the feeling you are trying to get across , even if the thing you invent doesn’t actually happen , It’s an idea from Werner Herzog . He calls it the Ecstatic Truth ~~~

Now this is something a lot of people don’t understand , they are so hooked up upon the details

Did this happen ?

Did that happen ?

But its not always about what happened , right ! Sometimes its about how you felt when you were in it

What it make you think of  ?

What it could have been ?

Or What it almost was ?

It’s less about what happened , & more about how it really was , which is something else & something more >



Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life -> College days


Someone said , college time was my best vacation . & I absolutely agree . Everyday I go to college & learn something.& I am not just referring to lecture notes or practicals I perform , I learn about people , I learn how to tackle difficult situation , everyday there is some new task to accomplish , a new target to be completed , new levels of stress to be experienced , you get to know your own stamina .

The lessons of life can never be learned from any institute of the world , it comes from the small things in everyday life.I’ve learned  to quit worrying about stupid things. You have four years to be irresponsible here, relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember the classes you bunked ,  hanging out with your friends. So stay out late. Go out for shopping with your friends on Friday when you have a project presentation due on Saturday. Spend money you don’t have….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far : Traffic


This week s theme is Near & Far ,I really thought a lot about it as in what concept  would really go with it.
and than it clicked my mind,  while I was driving home back from My friend’s home , there was heavy rainfall in the city , and all the roads where flooded , Even though I was near to my home , it seemed Far away.

Usually it takes me 5 min s to reach from my friend’s place to mine , but , it took almost 45 mins , &than I realized , no matter how fast our cars can drive , it won’t help in the real crisis. We can enhance the features of the car , but we cannot increase the dimensions of the land. Its like we have to still achieve something that looks so near yet its far …..

Thought on Traffic :
“A society sufficiently sophisticated to produce the internal combustion engine has not had the sophistication to develop cheap and efficient public transport?’
Yes, boss… it’s true. There’s hardly any buses, the trains are hopelessly underfunded, and hence the entire population is stuck in traffic”
Ben Elton, Gridlock

The Life Engineers: Prometheus Asks, Is a Culture as Stupid as Ours Ready to Create New Life?

Photo: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Scientific America answers almost all my question even how crazy it may be. One of the crazy question question that poped in my mind after watching Prometheus was that Is our immature and highly stupid culture ready to father a new life form like the engineers in the film?? and voila i found my answer in the guest blog section of scientific america a terrific article written by daniel grushnkin and wythe marschall.

Pinning down exactly what Ridley Scott’s larger-than-life Prometheus means may be impossible. But it’s safe to say that the movie – the 3-D quasi-prequel to Scott’s seminal technoscience-horror fable, Alien – is self-consciously a myth for our scientific era.

Prometheus opens over the shoulder of an alabaster figure on the edge of a prehistoric waterfall. This alien, called an Engineer, drinks a poison and falls into the waters. Our camera-eye follows, diving into his cells, which are darkening and cracking apart. Then we dive further – into his very DNA, which is rapidly rotting and unwinding, but not disappearing. We are left unsure where his broken-down DNA is headed. Cue title sequence.

Why does Scott open with an act of alien genesis triggered by crumbling, black DNA? Regardless of what else the filmmakers want the opening scene to convey, this is a horror movie. Its opening suggests that something about DNA and DNA manipulation is a source of dread – even as society today embraces biotechnology.

The biggest questions Prometheus asks may be, if DNA is a type of code or a language, who wrote the code of human life, and what did they intend for us? Our discomfort with the fact that manipulating DNA is a technique like any other – something you can learn and exploit for useful, perhaps lucrative ends – is driven by concerns over the motivations of those doing the manipulating.

If we were coded by authors with a motivation – the Engineers in Prometheus – can we be sure that we’re acting on our own volition? Our discomfort with being “programmed” is logical, because free will presents us with a reason to behave more responsibly (you can’t blame anyone else) and a gift of constant discovery.

The Engineers are not new to our trove of archetypes. In a way, they’re unknowable like God, but in another way they’re just a larger, paler version of ourselves. Scott makes this clear when his archeologists discover that we share genomes. Humans are the Engineers’ golems, Pinocchios, and Frankenstein’s creatures. The horror that comes with this discovery is that our makers are just about as ungodlike as we are.

The movie isn’t really about the Engineers, however. The Engineers are us. Do we want life to be given purpose by people as fallible, silly, vain, and stupid as we are? Of course, we’ve been bioengineering already. Since the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry, we’ve shaped the genetic direction that species take. Think: wolves into Pomeranians. But breeding has always been a slow, sloppy form of programming.

So here we are at the gates to the age of biotechnology, where scientists bioengineer yeast and bacterial cells to produce materials for us like medicines and plastics, where they use genetically engineered viruses to manipulate the brain cells of mice as if neurons were the strings of a marionette. The moment when bioengineering becomes indistinguishable from computing is coming. Companies like Autodesk are already developing bioCAD software, and undergraduate students are doing bioengineering for their summer projects. With the Engineers – humanity’s Gepetto – Prometheus offers a slant on where this all might lead.

Sure, just as the Engineers, we’ll weave our own messy psychology into the life we make. But will we also leave something out? That is, free will – the ability to desire, act, and react in new ways. When behaviors are programmed, free will gets lost. Perhaps that’s okay when we think about a lowly E. coli churning out fuel. But we feel disgust the more we can identify with the organism we’re programming. Imagine owning a bioengineered dog that never veered from its hardwired instructions; it would be more of an appliance than a pet. And a completely programmed human being? This is the stuff of horror.

Photo: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Science fiction’s forecasts have many times hit dead-on (submarines, space travel, computer hacking). Stories that focus on biotech often come back to a central theme, perhaps the predominant question of our age: When DNA becomes just another toolset, what will separate us from any other object that’s made? And what’s transcendent about life if we can design it ourselves?

In the biotech era, the creation of new life may be the ultimate source of bio-angst-the feeling that there’ll never be a satisfactory reason for our existence. If life is just stuff to be worked into new forms, then nothing separates life from ore, plastic, or anything else we can manipulate with tools.

Scott’s Prometheus shows that – as a culture forced to make increasingly difficult decisions regarding science – we haven’t escaped the debate central to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or what she called The Modern Prometheus (no coincidence). Shelley’s creature – abandoned by his genius creator – asks, why did you make me? Scott’s movie just reverses the equation. In Prometheus, we are the creature, abandoned, and we want the Big Answer.

Prometheus is not simply the most recent, biggest-budget story of humanity’s bio-angst – it’s also the story that comes at a time when humanity is finally able to test the reasons for its angst empirically. Here at the opening of the biotech era, we’re both excited and afraid of what our future holds.