Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections ~ Your own identity ….



“You can’t see yourself. You know what you look like because of mirrors and photographs, but out there in the world, as you move among your fellow human beings, whether strangers or friends or the most intimate beloveds, your own face is invisible to you. You can see other parts of yourself, arms and legs, hands and feet, shoulders and torso, but only from the front, nothing of the back except the backs of your legs if you twist them into the right position, but not your face, never your face, and in the end – at least as far as others are concerned – your face is who you are, the essential fact of your identity. Passports do not contain pictures of hands and feet. Even you, who have lived inside your body for sixty-four years now, would probably be unable to recognize your foot in an isolated photograph of that foot, not to speak of your ear, or your elbow, or one of your eyes in close-up. All so familiar to you in the context of the whole, but utterly anonymous when taken piece by piece. We are all aliens to ourselves, and if we have any sense of who we are, it is only because we live inside the eyes of others.”

Paul AusterWinter Journal

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting ~ Train …

Weekly photo Challenge: Fleeting moment


There s something very peculiar about the fleeting moments , sometimes you don’t even realize you captured those moments , but when you do , you can feel a something different about it , its like those feeling shown in movies , everything around you is going in fast pace & only with you the time is slowing down …

Sometimes I want to try so many things at once , and when you go for one thing , you  might not reach for the next thing in the timeline , but you have to let it go , you have to enjoy where you are at the moment , without thinking or regretting  what next thing you are gonna see , living the small precious moments , which will eventually fly out , & turned into a hazy memory …

I now understand what Fleeting moments is all bout ….

Weekly Photo Challenge / Phoneography Challenge : My Neighborhood

This was technically more challenging for me , as my Nokia mobile is losing its capturing ability in low light.

Still I managed to click a few from my terrace , that was the best way to capture the scenario around , which I won’t have been able to get on my walk in neighborhood , it was a beautiful scene to enjoy so many birds on one tree, and more kept on coming , & all of a sudden in one minute they flew away …..


and this another one is of the sunset , a few kites can still be seen …