Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections @riverside …

Reflection of the greenery in the river water

Reflection of the greenery in the water  ~ Shammee

This photo was captured at a nearby village , where rain water got collected & the nearby greenery just fit in perfectly ,
Its beautiful how such nature’s glimpses are found at such offbit places . I really like to travel at such places , where there is this utter calmness in the atmosphere & you feel such a peace of mind.

Reflection of your own state of mind can be discovered at such places ……

Change is scary ….. but is also inevitable …

Change is never easy but it is inevitable , one of the most scariest thing for everyone is going through the changes , it is scary indeed , because change is unfamiliar , it makes you leave your comfort zone .
All the things , life , ways , that you are used to ends .

I have always disliked endings , than it might be the last day of summer vacation ,the finale episode of the season ,  or  the last chapter of your favorite book , parting ways with a close friend , but than there is this Universal Truth we have to face , whether we want it or not , everything eventually ends.

And with every ending , there is this new beginning  . The fresh start of new season , the very first day of your college , or your job , & ofcourse the first days are always the toughest ones , but also the most memorable days , in every ways.

Change is a growth , if we don’t change we are stuck in the same place forever , & we should not do that , it hurts , but it has to be done , Change  is the only constant , that exist in our world !! Whenever you make a change you have to give up something old to make room for something new. This is how the universe works (I believe), constantly seeking balance and equilibrium.

We are slaves of habits , & changing that is difficult , but its not impossible , You learned it somewhere , so yes it is possible to unlearn it , you have to try .They say you can’t learn to swim unless you go in the water. Our brain is powerful. But it is also a trickster. It is constantly thinking. And some of it’s thoughts are irrational. You can change these thoughts.

No matter how you like your old things , your places , you have to let it go , some would part their ways , & some would enter in your life , but yeah some people who are so much a part of us, they’ll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground. Our North Star. And the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us … always.

Ultimately, change is about rewriting your story. Take your time , but do not regret the change , just go with the flow , &   after a time period you ll be fine .

Thought of the day :

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Advantages of liquid fuels over the solid fuels

  1. The handling of liquid fuels is easier and they require less storage space.
  2. The combustion of liquid fuels is uniform.
  3. The solid fuels have higher percentage of moisture and consequently they burn with great difficulty. However, liquid fuels can be burnt with a fair degree of ease and attain high temperature very quickly compared to solid fuels.
  4. The waste product of solid fuels is a large quantity of ash and its disposal becomes a problem. However, liquid fuels leave no or very little ash after burning.
  5. The firing of liquid fuels can be easily controlled. This permits to meet the variation in load demand easily.