The grief of losing someone forever ….

Losing someone


“My Life is perfect , Luck is in my Favor  , What more could I ask from God …” my friend said.

“I am so happy for you buddy , When shall we celebrate your new victories ?? I am eagerly waiting for  the party….” I said to him.

I rememer that evening stil so clearly , having this talk with my friend over the phone. I was watching moon playing hide & seek with clouds from my window , while my mom was calling me for dinner ,since half past hour.

I never imagined anything could go wrong in our lives , we were feeling too blissful , for that thought to cross our minds.But no one can predict such things , & somehow tragedy alwasys hits you when you are floating in your happiness.

The same thing happened with my friend , he lost someone too dear to him,&  his life is altered forever.

For a moment I was too shock to react, my mind couldn’t accept what it was hearing . Later that night I sat on my laptop scanning whatsapp, reading friends messages of what happened , how is the situation ,
I just sat in shock…. Trying to digest all those little facts & information . They are talking about this person,the person who is one of my closest friend …..he has been hurt.Therefore, I hurt.

How does one cope with such tragedy? How to fill that hole in your life?How to make the pain of losing somone go? How to accept the fact that person is never coming back?

Some wounds leave such deep scars imprinted , that can never be fully healed.Coz the absence of someone you grew to love, learned from, and got used to being there is something that takes time to adjust to.

“’You’ll get over it…’ It’s the clichés that cause the trouble. To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don’t get over it because ‘it’ is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? The particularness of someone who mattered enough to grieve over is not erased by anyone but death.

I don’t know what to think , so Deciding to trust in a loving God is the only way I can think of to deal with … even in the midst of a horrible tragedy … keeps me anchored.  Anchored doesn’t mean you don’t weep.  Anchored doesn’t mean it hurts less. Anchored doesn’t mean your heart sinks with every new bit of information about the incident. Anchored just means holding fast to the truth … despite all those things.

My heart is sad But My faith is strong.And this is what I am going to lend it to my friend. He still has loving family & loyal friends, who care for him, & will always be by his side. And with time the memories will have a different effect than it has right now.


Very Inspiring Blog Nominations

So I am utterly new to this thing , & I have just been nominated by atoasttodragons & for that I am very Thankful to him.
So its a chain thing like you have to nominate 15 other blogs , that you follow particularly , so I am just going to add all such blogs that have inspired me at one or the other point  , so hereby I present you all such blogs :

1. A Toast to Dragons

No this is not a favor returned , I stumbled on to Matthew ‘s blog a long time ago, & ever since I have always been interested in his writings &  his amazing way of expressing his views. So cheers 🙂


A beautiful blog full of inspiring photos , he knows which factors play keen role in photography & always have something to say through them.


This blog gives you the news of the latest trends & has some very curious activities going on .

4. Bookish Temptations

I really love reading  reviews written by Tamie & her team , they provide genuine reviews on the latest novels ,especially circling young adult .

5. AmazinglyBrash

A very inspiring blog ,  &  have very optimistic view about Life


She is strong , sometimes very emotional , but than that helps her write so beautiful poems .

7. rubicorno

He is amazing at editing , he captures the most rarest places , monuments , & turn them into completely different …
I am always waiting for his next edition …

8. Air Cooled Underware

There is no specific genre to what he writes , sometimes there are very touchy posts , other time they are funny , I will call him a versatile blogger .

9. Carpe Diem

If you are looking for a blog with inspiring quotes & photos , than this is a blog you don’t wanna miss

10. St. John Studios

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12. Neural Outlet..

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13. Arhitektura+

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14. Muslim Reverie

He has amazing views on the latest news going around globally , I am glad I stumbled across it ..

15. Monstrous Appetite

A versatile blog about all random stuff taking place & addition to that photos with punch lines …

I guess this is the reason why i never get bored on wordpress …

Are you a Believer ??



Twilight Breaking Dawn Finale once again makes a World Record of Global Opening , credit goes to Twihards , on the contrary of the ones who hate twilight series ….
The movie is famous for its happy ever after , & is hopelessly romantic , but is it a bad thing ?
Just like the movie has got two big clubs : Twihards vs Hateclub , the world is divided in people who believes in Happy Ever After & the other part who does not believe anything like that exist …

I am a more of a believer , people say hopelessly romantic as an offensive word , but I think of it as a positive word.Someone who believes in a true love. This true love endures time and circumstance in the hopeless romantic’s heart. This person is a believer and a dreamer. They do not qualify as a stalker because they don’t want to infringe on the rights of others.

Again they shouldn’t be confused by the hyper , pessimistic ,attention-seekers who put the cart before the horse and most likely burden their friends with expenses for their cry-baby behavior, never ending sad stories, their pessimism, & making the world revolve around themselves.

Well ofcourse the hopeless romantic ones believe in fairy tales and love But they’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is. They are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful. They like to see the best , all the negativity  are out weighed by the little positive they see . So how can they be hopeless , I think they are the ones who are so filled with hope . They don’t give up , They are stronger & that makes them unique.

The thing that might be a problem with the “hopeless romantics ” are that they care too much , Little things break them , & little things warm their hearts. They give a lot of emotion, which can be good or bad thing ~~

I think that we all need to be more patient with our lives and relationships, but that we’re too impatient to wait, so we end up heartbroken and give up on love before we even know what the word truly means It’s truly tragic…..

It is evident that most people do not understand the true value, meaning or definition of the word love. Admiration, caring and respect are the cornerstones of love. I’m not going to look up any definitions of love, it is plain and simple, either you do or you don’t. And those who cannot will never have known that there was something to live for.

With this , I am gonna wind up my not so perfect post on :
“It’s better to be loved & lost , than never to be loved at all”

Weekly Photo Challenge~Thankful to GOD


Being Thankful to God , is by keeping your feet on the ground even when after you have achieved a lot in life , I really hope this Thanksgiving , people would have thanked God for gifting such a beautiful life , which needs to be valued.
Thats all the simple message I have got in my Bag of quotes for this day …..

What’s it about writing !!! Same as Heart or Brain ~~~



So like every blogger , writer , author I had this conversation with my mind , what is it about writing ??
Its a very basic question yet its answers are the tricky part ….

I mean you can just go around & keep your ears open & go hunting for dialogue & use the best stuff you hear . Or you can write stuff that’s not quite what you heard , but kinda what you hear , but different somehow , Or you can make up your stuff entirely !!

So what does it mean one or the other way !!

Well my guess is , I have always thought that the true writers were the last kind .Writers like Tolstoy & Dickens & even Tolkien . They create a whole world out of nothing , or almost out of nothing , & you get the sense they know every twig & leaf in them . So they are kinda Gods in that way , creating this worlds , & than as God they walk us through these worlds like men , & they show us the way . I guess , I mean I always thought them as the true writers , the originals , the legends .

But than again like two sides of coin , there are other writers , who are more like  portrait writers , They are more interested in getting at the essence of a place or a person or of the world at a particular moment , in time . They are always searching for little moments of truth ~ chasing time ….

So what is it about writing , the emotions that are dipped in the ink should be real or the stuff should be real !

Yeah this is what i was talking about the tricky part …

Sometimes real life doesn’t give you all the right materials , So you have to invent something ~ out of the blue
something that is true to the feeling you had , the feeling you are trying to get across , even if the thing you invent doesn’t actually happen , It’s an idea from Werner Herzog . He calls it the Ecstatic Truth ~~~

Now this is something a lot of people don’t understand , they are so hooked up upon the details

Did this happen ?

Did that happen ?

But its not always about what happened , right ! Sometimes its about how you felt when you were in it

What it make you think of  ?

What it could have been ?

Or What it almost was ?

It’s less about what happened , & more about how it really was , which is something else & something more >



Journey of Realization …… Dreams

Throughout my life; although it has been very short lived I have learned a little bit about “THE JOURNEY”. I have considerably learned more than your average twenty year old, not because I had to but because I wanted to. I have learned that everyone has a journey and whether they decide to partake in this journey willingly is of their own free will. God will show you things, give you hints only hoping that you might stop and pay attention. The sun doesn’t shine for no reason and the wind doesn’t blow just to keep you cool at night. The pain of everyday living is a mere test of might. Because you are a child of God strength is instilled in you. Because you are a child of God you are born with a purpose.

“THE STRUGGLE!” To struggle is to learn, to know that you have an obstacle to overcome and it is your choice to accept defeat or come out triumphant. Fear is a lack of heart and a gain of absent mindedness. The phrase “Ignorance is Bliss” comes to mind when fear plays its part. If you never know your full potential you can never grow into something greater than yourself so instead you use fear as a scapegoat. Fear controls you, it knows your weaknesses, it knows just what to do in order to break you. A fearless man can’t be broken, he can be tossed to the side, bruised and cracked, but no matter how far you try to break him he will not be broken. When you look at the entertainers, the lawyers, and the doctors who make a decent living and it just seems like they have it all most of them don’t. They sought out to fulfill their personal legend and although they got the money and the career they’ve strived for, most of them only have that. Even if you attain success never forget your journey, it is what humbles you and it was created so that you can share it with others. The way you were inspired to become better than you were is the same way you should seek to inspire others who don’t realize that they are a child of God and they have a purpose.

“LIVING!” Days go by and I observe each and every person that I come in contact with whether it be a co-worker, a friend, a teacher, or a student and I wonder if they’re truly happy. Some would say well why would I be happy I can’t even afford a decent pair of shoes. Money is not the root of all happiness it is actually the opposite. Money creates an outlet to live comfortably and that is of course “The American Dream” but what some fail to realize is happiness is love and love is God. You don’t know happiness until you have experienced love and not just any kind of love but a divine perception of one’s self. Don’t just love what you see externally but look inward and find what makes you special. If no one else in this world loves you there should always be two people that will and that’s YOU and GOD. God will never leave you and just like he has faith in you, you should have the same faith residing in yourself and in him. Once you have learned to truly love you will begin to truly live and accept that through God anything is possible.

“DREAMS VS. REALITY!” Anyone can have a dream but there are those who will live out their dreams and there are those who will only dream them. Insecurity and fear becomes their biggest downfall because they let someone tell them that they couldn’t, the sad part about it is they never truly tried. To fall once is a lesson, to fall twice is a lesson learned, to fall three times is a blessing because after you have fell it is your natural instinct to say “well I’ve tried many times but I quit because I just keep falling.” It is at the height of your failure when along comes your success. It is in human nature to dream, and not all dreams are to be carried out and lived but if you pay attention along your journey God will guide you to the right path. There is no road that is the easiest nor should you want it to be but when you find the reason whyGod blessed you with life it is only then when you truly begin your journey.

Quote Of  The Day :

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
Robert Kennedy

Trapped in Materialistic Life …..


Its been so long , since I tried something new , did  something creative , even writing , I am just so trapped in the busy schedule of life , I would like to thank my last semester for keeping me so mentally exhausted , that all I do is come home , watch t.v ,check emails & go to bed .

This whole materialistic approach of the society , irritates me .There is something very  negative that generates from it, like ab evil form , that crawls inside you , & kills the passion slowly , it makes you numb , you even forget how you used to draw beautiful things just out of the blue , it blocks your mind , makes you very dumb as well , you just can’t understand why you are becoming like this, why are you life is seeming like a mechanical procedure , without any soul purpose. Its works like slow poisoning, kills you from within …

I realized it , I had to push it before it consumes me , it happens when we start entering into this adult life , that’s the reason why most of the adults forget about their passion & just live life mechanically , this is something that goes unnoticed , & so no one ever figures it out , as at how this evil spell works on such a large scale.Its sad how plastic & artificial  life has  become. It  gets harder & harder to find something …. Real .

There is this unseen force , an illusion , it works the same way like in casinos , they attract you showing their Grand prizes ,& let you win in the beginning , but that ‘s just the trick to elude you , once you just fall into their  trap, its difficult to walk away from that table , you just sit their losing more & more , in expecting of winning back . But you will never win , unless you get up , break that spell & move out of that casino.

Thats the same thing that happens in real life , this evil force attracts you in various forms , once you are trapped , you just repeating that same process , you get so fixed into that monotonous schedule , you even forget your own passions , the fire inside you quenches down , & you are left with boring meaning less materialistic life  . & the worst part is not yet finished ,  the worst part is you don’t even know what s wrong !!!

But if by any chances you wake up , break that spell , let yourself free , you still have chance to live a life you were suppose to , chase the dream you always had , figure out  the answers you always asked , be actually happy , have that pleasure of satisfaction , find that utter peace of mind that you never had.


All it takes is to know it , that s the key , & than everything will come back to you , your passion , your creativity , your smile , that relief , & that sound sleep ….

Thought of the day :

“But I do know we’re deficient in some way. We are too involved in materialistic things, and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.”
― Mitch AlbomTuesdays with Morrie


LAZY hours ….. Calm Weekends…. Carry On …..

Waking up in a good mood…for no real reason

Since quite a days , time has been passing just like that , nor so fast neither that slow … a steady pace… & so has the weather , clouds just passing by , like a long smooth drive …

Days without any hectic schedule , days without boring moods , calm weekends , & maybe one of the most peaceful vacation i ll have before Life takes its twist & turns , Who knew  the most peaceful days would just arrive after the most confusing days ….

But than : Dawn comes after the Darkest Hour

It s the small pleasures i enjoy that are worth more than anything money can buy, like walking in the park  at sunset and flying paper airplanes from the balcony , singing in the shower (now that can be torture to the ones who have to bear me listen)  , but overall , keeping calm & carrying on makes you feel happy !!

I also stumble upon this pic on facebook , I had no idea this poster is now a global icon , I thought it is pretty cool to see that there is truly a nice story behind it. It’s plain and simple and has a nice touch of history to it.


I realized to enjoy life its not some big, hilarious event. The majority of life is very ordinary. It s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then back to Monday & it goes on ….

I think if everyone starts enjoying this little things in life , they would be much more happy , than they are now , round the clock thinking about future won’t change your future BUT definitely ruin your present , Its not like you have to Read a 1000 page book to find out how to live happy , neither is there any degree or Phd , there is no magic pills that would bring you the real happiness in your life.

Here are the few pics that brings smile on my face …


I am always running late ,& even taunted for that , so this one indeed makes me feel proud & i give that smile , like , now what ha ? Am On Time .. 😀


This one is really important one, no explanations….. no words can describe this feeling !!


Only the ones using laptop can understand this feeling , its like saved from time-bomb , you just plugged into the right time …. 🙂


This one never gets old , i am always able to find , few coins in my jeans & my compass box

so find your moments of the day , smile , World s burden is not on your head , Try to make yourself happy …

Quote Of the day :
Life is too short to complain …. so Enjoy …..

Have a happy calm peaceful weekends !!

lost science of logic

This are some of the thoughts on the lost science of logic :

One of the good things about being trained in logic is that you learn two important things right away:


1. There IS TOO such a thing as absolute truth, independent of the observer. Truth is not subjective, it is objective.


If a tree grows in the forest but there is no one to see it, it is still there. If a tree falls down in the forest but there is no one to hear it, it still made a sound. And so on.


2. Truth does NOT arise from consensus, YOU can TEST it and verify it. Everybody CAN be wrong, ONE man alone CAN be right.


Careful observations by Kepler and Galileo provided mathematical proof that the Sun is the center of our solar system, and later observations showed we are located on a minor off-shoot arm of our galaxy the Milky way.


Geologic, botanical and other scientific evidence shows the Earth has had regular cycles of ice ages with warm periods in-between, long before human civilization moved from hunting and gathering to agriculture, industrialization and urbanization.


Observations started by Darwin led to biological and generic evidence that are related to, that is, we have ancestors in common with, other creatures on this Earth — not “evolved from monkeys” — and that all life forms from the lowest to the highest adapt to their environments.


And this week we had reports that neutrinos were observed moving faster than light. Who knows if the observations will hold up and where this will lead.


All these ideas, and many more, first arose in defiance of conventional wisdom at the time, and each stands or falls on its own merit based on hard, repeatable facts, not consensus or commonly accepted opinions.

3. Scientists expect people to put their brains to their best possible use, to have the intellectual and moral courage to argue on the basis of objective facts and facts alone. Of course scientists are also naîve enough to expect that this intellectual attitude would be, should be applied in other areas of human endeavor.


On the other hand,


* In the practice of law, civil or criminal, truth and justice don’t matter, just who wins and loses.

* Lawyers and judges feel free to pretend that the existence of facts and evidence can be denied simply because of an error in bureaucratic procedure. Or that facts are not facts unless some expert so testifies under oath. (The Sun does not rise in the east unless Einstein swears to it…)


* In business, you are out to win, but you know it’s a good deal when everybody is happy with it. In other words, Win-Win. Why? Because a happy customer is a REPEAT customer. They don’t come back if the deal is a Win-Lose. A wheeler-dealer will not make many deals if his reputation for being a shark gets around.


* Politicians expect to find virtue in compromise; if everybody hates it — Lose-Lose — then it must be a good deal.

* Politicians, like lawyers, see everything, especially economics, as a zero-sum game, as a Win-Lose. One man is rich because others are poor. They can’t imagine an economy that’s a Win-Win, where everybody is getting richer, everybody’s standard of living is rising, because of their imagination, industriousness, drive and perseverance.

* Politicians delude themselves, and try to delude the people, that they can simply “declare victory and move on,” without dire consequences. Or they cynically ignore the consequences so they’ll have an excuse to ride in again and again on their great white horse.

* And politicians expect people to be so stupid that they’ll fall for all their BS and follow them like sheep.

* And, so far, the majority of people DO follow them no matter what facts, logic and common sense indicate!

The Scientific Case for Mortality

It is the dawn of early man. His opposable thumbs, his large brain, his ability to harness fire, have all come together to give him a talent for weaponry. Now, hunting has become easier and easier as he and his tribe have acquired the ability to be an ultimate predator and inadvertently wipe out his food supply or intentionally wipe out his competitors. He doesn’t though, not because he sees the numbers of herds are dwindling since that wouldn’t happen anyway at this stage of the population of his tribe but because there is something telling him to stop. Something about killing when it is so easily done strikes him as “wrong.” The reason is the natural counter-balance for developing a large brain, which can devise weaponry and act upon the environment, is the accompanying development of morality.

You see, morality – the ability to distinguish between right and wrong – is not a learned behavior or fabricated notion. It is wired through natural selection as a counter balance that keeps “enlightened” species from overrunning a planet and eventually destroying themselves.
Evolution as a Tool of God :

>Imagine the time when humans are developing greater brain capacities, developing weapons, greater hunting techniques, possibly even warfare. What is the natural counterbalance keeping this species from destroying itself and the surrounding environment? Another characteristic in the development of a higher level brain is its ability for self-awareness and the recognition of morality. Read the Bible. This is the point of human evolution that the parable of Adam and Eve is trying to describe. They ate from the Tree of Knowledge and saw that they were naked and became ashamed. Basically, they developed the ability for morality. Now, those of you who read the Bible and take each word literally need to come to terms with the fact that a burning bush or a parting sea pale in comparison, as far as miracles go, to the DNA molecule.

>That is a perfect example of how science is serving to reveal the true miracles of God and that God works within our world and the way physics behaves, not outside of it. The question is, though, how did this counterbalance of morality come into being? How is it the genius of evolution (as a tool of God) to foresee this problem of a self-aware human, with the ability to destroy his kind and his environment coming to rise? This is sort of like asking how did matter foresee anti-matter or how does a reproductive cell know how to split, or why does a heart start to beat. Receiving a larger brain is sought of like getting a new iphone with an app for morality. It comes with the package.

Understanding through Physics :

>A heart’s inclination to beat, matter canceling anti-matter, the counterbalance of morality, as divine, outside of our time-space reality and in a quantum world. This means that it’s source is incomprehensible to us. Now, some would argue, relativists in particular, that so-called morality, or God, Himself, is a creation of man not vice versa. This would be a contradiction to one of the basics of physics known as the Law of Conservation of Information.

This law, where “information” is every or any particle, iota, says that all the information of the universe is fixed. Every particle that exists today in our universe existed at its inception only the arrangement of those particles has changed. These are particles we can see and touch and other particles we could not detect or even comprehend. Consequently, if you were to propose, or your computations would lead to, the loss of information within our universe you would be proposing something that is against this basic law of physics. Likewise, if you were to propose the fabrication or creation of information you would be violating that same law.

>Our larger brains come predisposed for morality but its furtherance is a function of evolution. Always remember, it’s about “reproductive success.” The gene gatekeeper, if you will, is the female. The female is the nurturer, wired for care-giving, feeding, comforting and any male exhibiting the moral acts of mercy, kindness, respect for nature and other humans would become more attractive than a merciless hunter/killer. It is with this process that man’s morality grew exponentially and how we became civilized.

Morality: The Cornerstone of our Republic :

>The next, logical extension of morality is the existence of Natural Law. This is, thankfully, the death-null of relativism. Relativism is at the root of everything.
Relativism states that there are no absolutes – no rights or wrongs – and that everything is relative. The major problem with that is of course that statement itself is an absolute. What they’re really saying is: “Everything is relative except the fact that everything is relative.” As you can see, it is a flawed, self-defeating philosophy and is the mirror image of socialism, and socialist dictatorships throughout history. What socialists are saying is: “Everything belongs to society except that which is controlled by the state.” Since everything is controlled by the state nothing belongs to society or the people.

>It is why Ben Franklin suggested the words “self-evident” to Madison and Jefferson that men with morality have that tool to recognize basic human rights and that these rights stem from a law greater than man’s law and because they have this tool these truths are self-evident. He used the words “self-evident” to replace the words “sacred and undeniable” not to disparage religion but to illustrate that it was even a more basic concept than the complexities and distortions that might come with religious content.

-> The relationship of morality and power is a very subtle one. Because ultimately power without morality is no longer power.