Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban. Few glimpses of My city










The all time busy road of Ahmedabad





A beautiful walk , by the river side , relaxes you from the hustle of traffic .



A festival celebrated by everyone .


So this are a few glimpses of my city , well there are many more, but I couldnt capture it. So enjoy the trailer version

Creativity finds its ways ….

Creativity is something that cannot be learned , taught or forced upon , it has no rules or boundaries , it can merge any no of things , can bring out beauty in any odd things , can link up very different things , that you might not have imagined to be.Thats its real beauty .I just saw couple of beautiful photos that can help me express my point.



Creative way to show Family Tree …


Butterflys in my stomach …..



Eat me , If you Can … 😀



Now thats an inspiring quote >>>



A very humorous Product Design ~ >


Very thoughtful Message , a pic worth thousand words ….


All I wanted to say with this post is , “All children are artists,” Pablo Picasso famously said. “The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”



More the simple , More its Better !!

Simplicity is beauty , In the ever-changing world of advertising, one fact remains the same: Simple is better.  Here my reference is Vogue Magazine Cover , the more the simple pix they chose for their covers the more eyes they catch !!
It is necessary to eliminate the unnecessary , so that the more important things gets focus , the more adjectives creates more complexity .Here are few of the covers I picked , irrespective of celebs that are on it , I just wanted to express that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication .