You need to Stand UP …..

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You know how people say it doesn’t matter , time will erase it , let it be , leave it ……

NO it Matters , & you say such words because it is difficult to stand up , & so you actually say such words to convince yourself , but you know it deep down , that’s not true .

You need to stand up for things that you believe in , that you  feel are right , you need to take a step. Its difficult , its even insane , there are gonna be million obstacles but you need to do it anyway , you know why , because its worth it. Because the moment you stop fighting for things that you think are right , is the moment you lose yourself , you can’t live with yourself , there will be this hole inside you that will keep on expanding , unless you don’t get up & do something.

It’s hell difficult to stand up against the system , but you have to do it anyway , all the big revolution begin with ONE person standing up to it , there will be times when you will feel to drop it , but those are the Peak times which will pass , the storm will pass & you will get though it. You just need to hold on to hope.

It takes every drop to make a river , so it matters , every drop counts , it might not seem much important that time , but in the end it matters .Its straightaway if you don’t stand up for what you want , it will never happen.

If you whine & don’t do anything to change , that you don’t even have the right to complain , you can’t accept it , than change it , that’s the only solution , it is difficult you say  , no one said it would be easy , important things in life are not available for free , you need to make efforts to gain them.


When one has to stand for themselves, its not for glory, for greed, for pride, for justice. One stands for oneself in order to assert that which they are standing for. You stand to gain, or lose, all of whom you  are with this moment. You stand to show that you do not falter,you do not buckle, you do not yield in the face of hardship and defeat, you do not feign in the face of what may be certain destruction, but you stand nonetheless for yourself.

It is for you to stay true to yourself. You stand for all those who would take this from you, you stand for all those whom you’ve loved and lost, you stand for all those who would deny you your right as man or woman, you stand for your survival and your pride, you stand for all that would deny you, and all that would prevent you from being who you set out to be.

You do not stand to gain respect, you do not stand to seek guidance, nor to seek aid. You stand to be you. Don’t you ever let someone take that from you.

Why in the end would it be worth it to exist, if we do not exist within ourselves.

Everyone can make a change in this world , everything starts with one idea , thought by one individual , People need to to share there ideas and not be afraid to stand up for what they believe. You never know, you could start anything you want, and it could be successful, but you will never know if you don’t try. This world is formed by the doers, producers, thinkers, the people not afraid to share their ideas.

Thought of the day :

” Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven’t half the strength you think they have.”

~Norman Vincent Peale


It s simple & yet difficult to love oneself

The one person you can & you should love unconditionally ,the one with whom you never have to explain , the one who would never judge you is YOU , & you  still add up a list of requirements that should be there to love yourself. I mean if you are only loving yourself because of the way you look, or the way you walk , etc etc than you aren’t REALLY loving yourself.Really loving yourself is loving yourself unconditionally – the same way that the people closest to you love unconditionally.

We love our family & our closest friends without any of such conditions , than why we put conditions for ourselves ?

If you like yourself, you will like the people you naturally meet, and they will like you. If you don’t like yourself, you will waste energy trying to get with people who aren’t like you, or you will settle for being with someone you don’t like.

There are two solutions to this. The first, and most important, is to learn to like yourself. The second, is to turn yourself into the person that you want to be.

If you don’t like some of your habits you can always change it , but that should be about evolving , not about changing yourself so that people approves of you , or to get their attention , if you are reason to change is solely to impress others , than you are never going to be happy , you can fake to be happy , but inside their you ll feel the emptiness.

Who are you lying to ? Who are you pretending to than ? No one can make you happy , only you can do that , than why should you waste your valuable life by pretending to be someone else.

Loving yourself, and taking care of yourself – that should be your number one priority. Because if you work at it, you get to a really safe place, where you know, you’ll be okay no matter what. You owe that to yourself. You deserve your own respect.

If you want to like yourself, one way to do it is to realize that you are the perfect You that anyone could be. No-one else can do the things you do quite like you. No-one sees the world quite the same way. No-one has precisely your talents, ambitions, or lack thereof. No-one screws things up the same way, no-one makes the same mistakes and faux pas‘. At being you, for all your faults and weaknesses, you would get an A+. It’s ok to be the way you are – it must be, because the way you are IS the way you are.

If you love yourself, you won’t need to lose weight. If you love yourself, you wont’ need anybody else to tell you for you to know that you are beautiful, brilliant, worthy, important, and awesome.

It’s the root of everything. You. You will be with yourself for the rest of your life – you are the most important thing. You might as well make the relationship between you and you a good one, since you’ll be committed to it for lifetime.

Nobody is perfect and that’s the part of the beauty of being human. Hopefully, as we travel along on life s journey, we become increasingly brave about exploring who we really are and can enjoy sustained, robust, excellent mental health., the nature itself gives that proof , we can evolve , change for better , but being perfect for everything & anything shouldn’t be the idea behind it.

Today’s Thought : ” Explore yourself , trust your uniqueness , & be proud of your own individuality ”


The 8th Deadly Sin ~~~


Regret is a strong power in this world. It plagues the mind and ruins even the most perfect day when allowed to run amuck.

People say they regret the things they don’t do more than the things they do. I agree most of the time. In part to feel alive and in part to not regret. Its a good rule of thumb as most of the time the things we fear are irrational and improbable. Knowing that, having been reared on the instructional lyrics of Van Halen and always having made myself do it.

But yet today I made the same mistake as others , so much stuck between cons & pros of doing a thing , I finally didn’t do it , &  I regret it now , that fraction of time when the coin is tossed in the air is the time you know which side you want it to flip , & I know it now , but time has slipped & now I am sitting here regretting it .

Damn it , this feeling is frustrating , but again now I know what I shall be doing if any such situation arises & I would have to make a decision , never let the cons let you deviate from taking the leap of faith , even your heart will play tricky games & would confuse you , that’s where you need to close your eyes , push all the thoughts , take a deep breathe & you would know the right answer …

Take it from me , there are some mistakes in life that will teach you , & some that will change your life forever , the trick is to know the difference between , & that answer can not be given by any book , website , or people , this one can only be made by you & you only ….


Thought Of the Day

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”
― Arthur Miller


Trapped in Materialistic Life …..


Its been so long , since I tried something new , did  something creative , even writing , I am just so trapped in the busy schedule of life , I would like to thank my last semester for keeping me so mentally exhausted , that all I do is come home , watch t.v ,check emails & go to bed .

This whole materialistic approach of the society , irritates me .There is something very  negative that generates from it, like ab evil form , that crawls inside you , & kills the passion slowly , it makes you numb , you even forget how you used to draw beautiful things just out of the blue , it blocks your mind , makes you very dumb as well , you just can’t understand why you are becoming like this, why are you life is seeming like a mechanical procedure , without any soul purpose. Its works like slow poisoning, kills you from within …

I realized it , I had to push it before it consumes me , it happens when we start entering into this adult life , that’s the reason why most of the adults forget about their passion & just live life mechanically , this is something that goes unnoticed , & so no one ever figures it out , as at how this evil spell works on such a large scale.Its sad how plastic & artificial  life has  become. It  gets harder & harder to find something …. Real .

There is this unseen force , an illusion , it works the same way like in casinos , they attract you showing their Grand prizes ,& let you win in the beginning , but that ‘s just the trick to elude you , once you just fall into their  trap, its difficult to walk away from that table , you just sit their losing more & more , in expecting of winning back . But you will never win , unless you get up , break that spell & move out of that casino.

Thats the same thing that happens in real life , this evil force attracts you in various forms , once you are trapped , you just repeating that same process , you get so fixed into that monotonous schedule , you even forget your own passions , the fire inside you quenches down , & you are left with boring meaning less materialistic life  . & the worst part is not yet finished ,  the worst part is you don’t even know what s wrong !!!

But if by any chances you wake up , break that spell , let yourself free , you still have chance to live a life you were suppose to , chase the dream you always had , figure out  the answers you always asked , be actually happy , have that pleasure of satisfaction , find that utter peace of mind that you never had.


All it takes is to know it , that s the key , & than everything will come back to you , your passion , your creativity , your smile , that relief , & that sound sleep ….

Thought of the day :

“But I do know we’re deficient in some way. We are too involved in materialistic things, and they don’t satisfy us. The loving relationships we have, the universe around us, we take these things for granted.”
― Mitch AlbomTuesdays with Morrie


As a rule -> MAN is a FOOL !!

As a rule , man is a fool

when he gets hot , he wants it cool

when he gets cool , he wants it hot 

he always wants what is not !!

This is very basic human tendency , to complain about things we don’t have , its natural , no one gets everything in life , & so demand goes on .Well, it is simple to say that we always want more than we have or something else because it is in human nature to do so. In fact one of the greatest philosophers, Schopenhauer, admitted that if we get what we want we get used with it and start wanting something else-thus initiating the process all over again.

Its  all a matter of perception ,Life is in fact very complicated and one can’t resume it to “it is in human nature”. Sometimes we want more because we want to evolve, sometimes because we find ourselves caught in the same “today” and we feel the urge to change “today” in a different kind of “today”. There are times when we want something for the sake of wanting itself, for the sake of the entire process of achieving something.

Famous people want to be normal, normal people want to be famous. 

Tall people want to be short, short people want to be tall.

Brown haired girls want blonde hair, Blonde hair girls want brown hair.
Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

It is something along the lines of that good old adage about “the grass being greener on the other side.” It is the unattainable that seduces us – it provides for us a challenge, a bit of mystery, and injection of interesting in comparison to what we already know and have. The majority of us live what we see as normal. Boring. Monotonous. We pine over the intangible, making ourself sick over material things, places, people that aren’t obtainable. We obsess and dedicate our lives to owning whatever it is we want, and can’t have.”

It is not that complicated to understand the thirst of curiosity , until you don’t have that thing you don’t know what is the feeling , once you get a hold of it , you would know , sometimes you love that thing , & you are satisfied with wanting it & having it at last , it is a privilege thing for you , but sometimes it disappoints you , and you know how much time you wasted wanting it , but that s how life is .

That’s life. Just realize that if you had everything exactly as you wanted it life would be REALLY boring. Temptation is part f life. Learn to deal with it.

Never Back Down …..

Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days everyone does. I know it is hard to keep strong and keep moving on. But, you just have to rememeber tomorrow is a better day. You just have to have the courage to believe it will be. Every time I try something I have never done before , start something new , it is difficult , &  the first thought comes to my mind is lets not go any further , but than I just couldn’t live with that feeling that I stopped trying in the very beginning .So again I start & second time its less difficult than the first time , or maybe the problem is same but I just changed my attitude .

Some people are gifted while some train themselves , that’s the difference , but they both achieve things in life , the difference is the one who is gifted doesn’t has to put on as much efforts as the one who is trying to train , but once you decide what you want in life , there s no looking back , stop regretting what you lost in the past , its history , you can not change , but you can not waste your present .

People confuses this two feelings a lot , moving on & trying again … you move on when you feel you have given your best shot & now its not worth doing it all over again , while trying on is like you have n’t yet reached the peak of your intensity , there is still more you can do in it ….. most of people gets lost in choosing the right thing to do at the right time.

But one thing is sure , you can not give up without atleast trying it , you have to stay strong , it would hurt , believe me I know , but once the learning phase is gone , you would feel the happiness that you can’t express it , sometimes you have to prove it to yourself , all the things that happened in your life , all the things you suffered , you owe that much to yourself .

You might not know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice left to you ….

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do , It comes from overcoming things that once you thought you couldn’t Do,    you will discover your true self , your real strengths only when you go through the difficult phase , rainbows only appear when sun rays finds it ways through the dark clouds. Just believe in yourself , never let anyone s opinion about you stop you from doing it.

I don’t need to recall the stories of all great people who have made a remark in the history , by achieving success , by proving people wrong , by trying something impossible & showing it to the world it is possible , one thing is common they never gave up , they gave their best shot ……

Thought of the day :

Believe in yourself & all that you are . Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle .