Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting ~ Train …

Weekly photo Challenge: Fleeting moment


There s something very peculiar about the fleeting moments , sometimes you don’t even realize you captured those moments , but when you do , you can feel a something different about it , its like those feeling shown in movies , everything around you is going in fast pace & only with you the time is slowing down …

Sometimes I want to try so many things at once , and when you go for one thing , you  might not reach for the next thing in the timeline , but you have to let it go , you have to enjoy where you are at the moment , without thinking or regretting  what next thing you are gonna see , living the small precious moments , which will eventually fly out , & turned into a hazy memory …

I now understand what Fleeting moments is all bout ….

Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background : Reflection




The purpose for this click , was to get our reflection …. but everything else in the background looked more sharpened than us & so my friend always thought of this photo as mere waste , & asked me to delete it , but I found the emerging scenery in the background very refreshing … & today I found the perfect place for it ….


Weekly Photo Challenge / Phoneography Challenge : My Neighborhood

This was technically more challenging for me , as my Nokia mobile is losing its capturing ability in low light.

Still I managed to click a few from my terrace , that was the best way to capture the scenario around , which I won’t have been able to get on my walk in neighborhood , it was a beautiful scene to enjoy so many birds on one tree, and more kept on coming , & all of a sudden in one minute they flew away …..


and this another one is of the sunset , a few kites can still be seen …



Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved : Check on Diet




This is one of my favorite food items , &  I just couldn’t resist it , but looking at my current situation I guess its time Istart keep a regular check on my diet , so this year ‘s Resolution is “Keep a Track On quantity of Food” that I consume  & looking at the fact that I am not very good at exercise it seems even more important now .