Reasons Why You Failed ….

You failed ,not because you don’t deserve it , or you are a loser , you failed because you didnt put up as much efforts as much you were supposed to , or maybe because your methods were wrong . You don’t need to feel upset just because everyone can make it in first shot , & you couldn’t , some are slow learners , some have different mindsets than the normal average people , it doesnt make you loser , it makes you different , & so you would have to take a different method than the rest.

It happened in my life too , something very easy that everyone could do , I couldn’t , I always wanted to drive two-wheeler , but whenever i asked people who already learned it , used to ask me if you don’t know how to ride bicycle , how can you expect to ride a two wheeler , that s the basic thing , but I didn’t believed it , it took time for me to learn to ride , but I kept on trying  , & now I can even drive it with a single hand , yeah I never thought of learning bicycle ,but than I never wanted to in the first place.

It made me realize that , sometimes the normal rules don’t apply to you , just because everyone could learn the two wheeler only after they learned bicycle doesn’t mean it is gonna be the same for you , you need to understand this , if you are failing at something again & again , than there are two reasons ,
-> You are not putting as much efforts & hard work as required.
-> Or you have to change the method , something is wrong & is not fitting.

Get inspired  by  others, but learn to recognize that their methods might not work for you too , make your own methods , ways to tackle things that are difficult to you , even if they seem very easy to others ,

Life is full of screwups. You’re supposed to fail sometimes. It’s a required part of the human existance.” 
― Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride

Einstein  was thrown out of school , we all know that story , but that doesn’t mean he was a loser , he just had a different mindset than others, the thing that he found difficult was a very simple task for all his other classmates ,there is always something special about you that you fail to recognize , look harder & you will know it eventually  ….
Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will? So, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly, keep smiling. Because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about!

You can start by changing your perception , you can boost up your confidence by reading , by doing something new , learning something new , you can keep those things with you that might have inspired you while making efforts for your goal , I always listen to those energy booster songs while doing something that is a bit difficult for me , I keep pictures of  my dear ones in my laptop , those happy memories brings me smile when I am stressed up , I read my favorite novel that always motivates me  The Alchemist , &  Paulo Coleho is my inspiration . You can also look for your role models , who will inspire you , & help you in a way you never  thought  of .

Thought Of the day :

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

The Scientific Case for Mortality

It is the dawn of early man. His opposable thumbs, his large brain, his ability to harness fire, have all come together to give him a talent for weaponry. Now, hunting has become easier and easier as he and his tribe have acquired the ability to be an ultimate predator and inadvertently wipe out his food supply or intentionally wipe out his competitors. He doesn’t though, not because he sees the numbers of herds are dwindling since that wouldn’t happen anyway at this stage of the population of his tribe but because there is something telling him to stop. Something about killing when it is so easily done strikes him as “wrong.” The reason is the natural counter-balance for developing a large brain, which can devise weaponry and act upon the environment, is the accompanying development of morality.

You see, morality – the ability to distinguish between right and wrong – is not a learned behavior or fabricated notion. It is wired through natural selection as a counter balance that keeps “enlightened” species from overrunning a planet and eventually destroying themselves.
Evolution as a Tool of God :

>Imagine the time when humans are developing greater brain capacities, developing weapons, greater hunting techniques, possibly even warfare. What is the natural counterbalance keeping this species from destroying itself and the surrounding environment? Another characteristic in the development of a higher level brain is its ability for self-awareness and the recognition of morality. Read the Bible. This is the point of human evolution that the parable of Adam and Eve is trying to describe. They ate from the Tree of Knowledge and saw that they were naked and became ashamed. Basically, they developed the ability for morality. Now, those of you who read the Bible and take each word literally need to come to terms with the fact that a burning bush or a parting sea pale in comparison, as far as miracles go, to the DNA molecule.

>That is a perfect example of how science is serving to reveal the true miracles of God and that God works within our world and the way physics behaves, not outside of it. The question is, though, how did this counterbalance of morality come into being? How is it the genius of evolution (as a tool of God) to foresee this problem of a self-aware human, with the ability to destroy his kind and his environment coming to rise? This is sort of like asking how did matter foresee anti-matter or how does a reproductive cell know how to split, or why does a heart start to beat. Receiving a larger brain is sought of like getting a new iphone with an app for morality. It comes with the package.

Understanding through Physics :

>A heart’s inclination to beat, matter canceling anti-matter, the counterbalance of morality, as divine, outside of our time-space reality and in a quantum world. This means that it’s source is incomprehensible to us. Now, some would argue, relativists in particular, that so-called morality, or God, Himself, is a creation of man not vice versa. This would be a contradiction to one of the basics of physics known as the Law of Conservation of Information.

This law, where “information” is every or any particle, iota, says that all the information of the universe is fixed. Every particle that exists today in our universe existed at its inception only the arrangement of those particles has changed. These are particles we can see and touch and other particles we could not detect or even comprehend. Consequently, if you were to propose, or your computations would lead to, the loss of information within our universe you would be proposing something that is against this basic law of physics. Likewise, if you were to propose the fabrication or creation of information you would be violating that same law.

>Our larger brains come predisposed for morality but its furtherance is a function of evolution. Always remember, it’s about “reproductive success.” The gene gatekeeper, if you will, is the female. The female is the nurturer, wired for care-giving, feeding, comforting and any male exhibiting the moral acts of mercy, kindness, respect for nature and other humans would become more attractive than a merciless hunter/killer. It is with this process that man’s morality grew exponentially and how we became civilized.

Morality: The Cornerstone of our Republic :

>The next, logical extension of morality is the existence of Natural Law. This is, thankfully, the death-null of relativism. Relativism is at the root of everything.
Relativism states that there are no absolutes – no rights or wrongs – and that everything is relative. The major problem with that is of course that statement itself is an absolute. What they’re really saying is: “Everything is relative except the fact that everything is relative.” As you can see, it is a flawed, self-defeating philosophy and is the mirror image of socialism, and socialist dictatorships throughout history. What socialists are saying is: “Everything belongs to society except that which is controlled by the state.” Since everything is controlled by the state nothing belongs to society or the people.

>It is why Ben Franklin suggested the words “self-evident” to Madison and Jefferson that men with morality have that tool to recognize basic human rights and that these rights stem from a law greater than man’s law and because they have this tool these truths are self-evident. He used the words “self-evident” to replace the words “sacred and undeniable” not to disparage religion but to illustrate that it was even a more basic concept than the complexities and distortions that might come with religious content.

-> The relationship of morality and power is a very subtle one. Because ultimately power without morality is no longer power.


The results of Faraday experiments with concentric spheres can be summed up as an experimental law by stating that the electric flux passing through any imaginary sphere placed between two conducting sphere is equal to the charge enclosed within the surface of imaginary sphere. This enclosed charge is distributed either on the surface of the imaginary sphere or is located at a point at the center of the imaginary sphere.
However since 1 C of charge produces 1 C of electric flux, the inner conductor might just well have been a cube or a pot shaped conductor, but still the charge on the outer sphere will be the same. Of Course the flux density would change from its symmetrical distribution to an unknown configuration, but +Q C on any inner conductor will induced a –Q C of charge on surrounding sphere. Going a step further replacing outer sphere with a cylindrical conductor and inner sphere with a pot shaped conductor with charge Q. Producing Flux = Q C the induced charge in the cylindrical conductor will be –Q C. How Fascinating right??
This generalization lead to many developments one of them is discussed later in the next post. All the experiments performed by faraday on electromagnetism is a must read for every engineer. He gave us modern electromagnetics which is used almost in every hardware. I would try to post all his experiments, conclusions and generalization details on the site but self reading is the best reading.


The farady experiment is actually a pretty long one. So as not being in my course and beyond my historical scope. This post only covers essential edited out parts of the experiment that gave us modern definition of electric flux.
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