Weekly Photo Challenge : Free Spirit >>>> Dubai

Last Christmas I went to Dubai for a trip , &  I just fell in love with it , here are some beautiful pictures of my memories which I think suits the current theme

This pic was shot at the entrance of H.H. Sheikh ‘s palace , ruler of Dubai , peacocks just wander around there freely , it was so surprising . I have never seen so many peacocks wandering around freely even in the presence of so many people. We fed them chips & they really liked it .



Dubai mall ha sits own attractions , one of them was this Ice Rink , even though I didn’t tried it , i could still feel the free spirit of people who were moving around the ice so swiftly  , like no barriers , just going with the flow …..



This exotic waterfall appeals to me more in the form of letting yourself free  , the upside down , makes it even more intensify , it just goes with the theme of Free spirit .



This pic was taken at Sandy Beach Fujairah UAE , while walking on the beach , able to look at my mirror image , feeling the water waves crack at my feet now and then , & listening to the voice of ship going far , it was like I was in 3rd dimension , even in the middle of  such a public place, I found my solitude . Free from all the worldly boundaries , flying  across …..



This shot was captured by me at Jumeirah beach , Dubai , it was a beautiful moment captured.



I am glad we didn’t got the parking place on the 1st floor of Emirates mall, in the search of parking slot we headed up straight to the terrace , & I couldn’t stop gazing at the beautiful sunset , between the high rise buildings , it was like sun was biding good bye to me , this was the last day i was staying in Dubai , & I just stood there for couple of moments biding farewell to Dubai & taking all those beautiful memories with me.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban. Few glimpses of My city










The all time busy road of Ahmedabad





A beautiful walk , by the river side , relaxes you from the hustle of traffic .



A festival celebrated by everyone .


So this are a few glimpses of my city , well there are many more, but I couldnt capture it. So enjoy the trailer version

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong > Freedom is not for granted




Today is our Independence day ,65 years ago, it was the dawn of a new beginning — the beginning of freedom  & this photo represents how people have started taking our freedom just for granted ,its WRONG ,  we were not just given freedom as a charity , we fought for it , lives were sacrificed , we payed for it .

So its my humble request , Let’s not take our Independence for granted, Let’s do our bit to make India A better Place, Legacy to Love for Legacy to die for.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

A very simple, yet elegant vase, made from a light bulb.


Recently someone came around with a free energy saving light bulb for every home.
It represents that there is a scope of growth even in the waste , the bulbs that are of no use can be converted into this ones .

growth can be simplified as transformation from one form to another !!