Weekly Photo Challenge: JOY=FRIENDS


We make many friends

Some become Dearest
Some become Special
Some We Fall in Love with
Some go Abroad
Some change their cities
Some Leave us
We Leave some
Some are in contact
Some are not in contact,(n)Some don’t contact because of their ego,
We don’t contact some because of our ego
Wherever they are
However they are
We still remember, Love, Miss, Care about them because of the part they played and JOY they brought in our Lives…!!


Beware : The Tall Poppy Syndrome is infectious

tall poppy syndrome


Why  is it that when someone do something different, almost everyone tends to have a say and judge negatively? they always scrutinize and make sure something bad goes with the good deed.

Just to ask…have you done something like that? are you brave and daring enough to do such thing?  if not…..then leave them alone !!

The victims of T.P.S. who have come to my attention lately are Justin Bieber, E.L. James, Danneel Harris to name a few. I probably have a couple of you already rolling your eyes, thinking of how ‘lame’ Nickelback is, or how the ‘Biebs’ sings like a girl.

Well, I’ll tell you this much, he probably sings like a girl a heck of a lot better than we do.

Or perhaps you have been one of the people to have commented on how ‘poorly written’ the popular trilogy 50 Shades of Grey by author E.L. James is? Well, for such a poor writer, she sure has done well for herself. After all, she has beaten out Harry Potter to become the fastest-selling paperback of all time. I don’t see anyone else releasing a top-selling ‘mommy porn’ trilogy which is being credited with igniting the passion back into tons of marriages.

I read the first of the 50 Shades books and I didn’t do back flips over it, I’ve read better books and I’ve read worse, but I do respect the author for what she’s accomplished. I mean, if I get to write and publish a New York Times bestseller, I’ll be one happy girl. Not everyone does that.  And not everyone teaches themselves how to play the trumpet, guitar, and percussions, becoming a teenage sensation before they even hit puberty, as Beiber has done. You don’t need to like’em, but geez, leave them alone! Why can’t we just say “It’s not really my style, but good for them!”

Okay, I’m ranting, I apologize. My point is, it’s one thing to not be a fan of someone’s particular music or writing style, or their acting or vocal talent, but it is quite another to rip them apart at the seams. And it’s not just directed towards famous people, we do it to the general public too, even our own friends and family!

Why do we do that? Why do encourage successful people at first, and then, when they become too successful, we turn on them like a pack of jealous toddlers?!

It seems to be somewhere in the collective thought that we want people to do well, but not too well. After all, if someone does really well, what does that say about those of us who don’t? I have personally experienced this. When I have success, I also hear criticism. There is always one person, or more, who has something negative to say about what I am doing or how I am doing it. I noticed this also with friends who have experienced success. The more success they experience the more criticism they receive. Successful people seem to be the targets of much criticism, down to what they wear and how they tie their shoe lace.

Why are people actually putting in the time and energy to develop websites solely devoted to making fun of these people? First of all, who has that much time on their hands? Second of all, I’m pretty sure the Biebs is too busy buying mansions, participating in charities, and teaching himself how to play new musical instruments to concern himself with any of that sort of stuff.

I’m not a huge Justin Bieber or Danneel Harris fan, but isn’t it a waste of time to sit around making fun of their hairstyles, speculating about their sexuality, or criticizing their musical talent?  After all, they are entitled to whatever hairstyle they want, I don’t care which way they swing, and they DEFINITELY have more musical talent than me.

I am not saying that I have never cracked joked on any celebrity , or that I am saint , but going 360 degree round just to make sure you insult them in the most ridiculous way & making your self happy about that , that’s way too much.   but then I have also had moments where I’ve realized I am sitting on my couch in my pajamas , eating french fries , while they are up there , trying so hard , & making tonnes of money because they followed their dreams!”

And there is something to be said for following your dreams. It takes bravery, persistence, and a lot of hard work to pursue something that you believe in; and getting made fun of by a bunch of goons doesn’t make it any easier. But the ‘Biebs’ and James didn’t give up. Obviously. Doesn’t that deserve kudos?

Seriously they got thumps up from me ….

I ask myself the same question when I am feeling less than happy for someone else’s achievement. It can be human nature to feel a twinge of jealousy when someone is having the success we would like to have in our lives. I like to use this as an opportunity to learn and see if there is anything from their success I can incorporate into my own endeavors.

Thought of the day :

“”Fame has also this great drawback, that if we pursue it we must direct our lives in such a way as to please the fancy of men, avoiding what they dislike and seeking what is pleasing to them.”

~Benedict Spinoza

“Fame is the penalty of success. Jealousy is the penalty of fame.”


“Envy is when you want what someone else has. Jealousy’s when you also don’t want them to have it.”
― Kirsten HubbardWanderlove

Odd ones out ….. totally RANDOM

This post is made up of totally odd photographs that caught my mind and I decided to share it with you guys ,
picked totally randomly , no order , no rankings , just caught my eyes , so >>>>

~ >
 Paper Roll Art

~ >

 By Sharad Haksar    

~ >

                              By Lisa Meyer 


By Michelle Frankfurter 


By Christopher Wilson

 ~ >

                             By Brian Marshall 

 ~ >

                                  By Andrew Moore 

~  >

                                    By Alyssa Monks

~ >


The Life Engineers: Prometheus Asks, Is a Culture as Stupid as Ours Ready to Create New Life?

Photo: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Scientific America answers almost all my question even how crazy it may be. One of the crazy question question that poped in my mind after watching Prometheus was that Is our immature and highly stupid culture ready to father a new life form like the engineers in the film?? and voila i found my answer in the guest blog section of scientific america a terrific article written by daniel grushnkin and wythe marschall.

Pinning down exactly what Ridley Scott’s larger-than-life Prometheus means may be impossible. But it’s safe to say that the movie – the 3-D quasi-prequel to Scott’s seminal technoscience-horror fable, Alien – is self-consciously a myth for our scientific era.

Prometheus opens over the shoulder of an alabaster figure on the edge of a prehistoric waterfall. This alien, called an Engineer, drinks a poison and falls into the waters. Our camera-eye follows, diving into his cells, which are darkening and cracking apart. Then we dive further – into his very DNA, which is rapidly rotting and unwinding, but not disappearing. We are left unsure where his broken-down DNA is headed. Cue title sequence.

Why does Scott open with an act of alien genesis triggered by crumbling, black DNA? Regardless of what else the filmmakers want the opening scene to convey, this is a horror movie. Its opening suggests that something about DNA and DNA manipulation is a source of dread – even as society today embraces biotechnology.

The biggest questions Prometheus asks may be, if DNA is a type of code or a language, who wrote the code of human life, and what did they intend for us? Our discomfort with the fact that manipulating DNA is a technique like any other – something you can learn and exploit for useful, perhaps lucrative ends – is driven by concerns over the motivations of those doing the manipulating.

If we were coded by authors with a motivation – the Engineers in Prometheus – can we be sure that we’re acting on our own volition? Our discomfort with being “programmed” is logical, because free will presents us with a reason to behave more responsibly (you can’t blame anyone else) and a gift of constant discovery.

The Engineers are not new to our trove of archetypes. In a way, they’re unknowable like God, but in another way they’re just a larger, paler version of ourselves. Scott makes this clear when his archeologists discover that we share genomes. Humans are the Engineers’ golems, Pinocchios, and Frankenstein’s creatures. The horror that comes with this discovery is that our makers are just about as ungodlike as we are.

The movie isn’t really about the Engineers, however. The Engineers are us. Do we want life to be given purpose by people as fallible, silly, vain, and stupid as we are? Of course, we’ve been bioengineering already. Since the advent of agriculture and animal husbandry, we’ve shaped the genetic direction that species take. Think: wolves into Pomeranians. But breeding has always been a slow, sloppy form of programming.

So here we are at the gates to the age of biotechnology, where scientists bioengineer yeast and bacterial cells to produce materials for us like medicines and plastics, where they use genetically engineered viruses to manipulate the brain cells of mice as if neurons were the strings of a marionette. The moment when bioengineering becomes indistinguishable from computing is coming. Companies like Autodesk are already developing bioCAD software, and undergraduate students are doing bioengineering for their summer projects. With the Engineers – humanity’s Gepetto – Prometheus offers a slant on where this all might lead.

Sure, just as the Engineers, we’ll weave our own messy psychology into the life we make. But will we also leave something out? That is, free will – the ability to desire, act, and react in new ways. When behaviors are programmed, free will gets lost. Perhaps that’s okay when we think about a lowly E. coli churning out fuel. But we feel disgust the more we can identify with the organism we’re programming. Imagine owning a bioengineered dog that never veered from its hardwired instructions; it would be more of an appliance than a pet. And a completely programmed human being? This is the stuff of horror.

Photo: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.

Science fiction’s forecasts have many times hit dead-on (submarines, space travel, computer hacking). Stories that focus on biotech often come back to a central theme, perhaps the predominant question of our age: When DNA becomes just another toolset, what will separate us from any other object that’s made? And what’s transcendent about life if we can design it ourselves?

In the biotech era, the creation of new life may be the ultimate source of bio-angst-the feeling that there’ll never be a satisfactory reason for our existence. If life is just stuff to be worked into new forms, then nothing separates life from ore, plastic, or anything else we can manipulate with tools.

Scott’s Prometheus shows that – as a culture forced to make increasingly difficult decisions regarding science – we haven’t escaped the debate central to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or what she called The Modern Prometheus (no coincidence). Shelley’s creature – abandoned by his genius creator – asks, why did you make me? Scott’s movie just reverses the equation. In Prometheus, we are the creature, abandoned, and we want the Big Answer.

Prometheus is not simply the most recent, biggest-budget story of humanity’s bio-angst – it’s also the story that comes at a time when humanity is finally able to test the reasons for its angst empirically. Here at the opening of the biotech era, we’re both excited and afraid of what our future holds.

As a rule -> MAN is a FOOL !!

As a rule , man is a fool

when he gets hot , he wants it cool

when he gets cool , he wants it hot 

he always wants what is not !!

This is very basic human tendency , to complain about things we don’t have , its natural , no one gets everything in life , & so demand goes on .Well, it is simple to say that we always want more than we have or something else because it is in human nature to do so. In fact one of the greatest philosophers, Schopenhauer, admitted that if we get what we want we get used with it and start wanting something else-thus initiating the process all over again.

Its  all a matter of perception ,Life is in fact very complicated and one can’t resume it to “it is in human nature”. Sometimes we want more because we want to evolve, sometimes because we find ourselves caught in the same “today” and we feel the urge to change “today” in a different kind of “today”. There are times when we want something for the sake of wanting itself, for the sake of the entire process of achieving something.

Famous people want to be normal, normal people want to be famous. 

Tall people want to be short, short people want to be tall.

Brown haired girls want blonde hair, Blonde hair girls want brown hair.
Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

It is something along the lines of that good old adage about “the grass being greener on the other side.” It is the unattainable that seduces us – it provides for us a challenge, a bit of mystery, and injection of interesting in comparison to what we already know and have. The majority of us live what we see as normal. Boring. Monotonous. We pine over the intangible, making ourself sick over material things, places, people that aren’t obtainable. We obsess and dedicate our lives to owning whatever it is we want, and can’t have.”

It is not that complicated to understand the thirst of curiosity , until you don’t have that thing you don’t know what is the feeling , once you get a hold of it , you would know , sometimes you love that thing , & you are satisfied with wanting it & having it at last , it is a privilege thing for you , but sometimes it disappoints you , and you know how much time you wasted wanting it , but that s how life is .

That’s life. Just realize that if you had everything exactly as you wanted it life would be REALLY boring. Temptation is part f life. Learn to deal with it.

Reasons Why You Failed ….

You failed ,not because you don’t deserve it , or you are a loser , you failed because you didnt put up as much efforts as much you were supposed to , or maybe because your methods were wrong . You don’t need to feel upset just because everyone can make it in first shot , & you couldn’t , some are slow learners , some have different mindsets than the normal average people , it doesnt make you loser , it makes you different , & so you would have to take a different method than the rest.

It happened in my life too , something very easy that everyone could do , I couldn’t , I always wanted to drive two-wheeler , but whenever i asked people who already learned it , used to ask me if you don’t know how to ride bicycle , how can you expect to ride a two wheeler , that s the basic thing , but I didn’t believed it , it took time for me to learn to ride , but I kept on trying  , & now I can even drive it with a single hand , yeah I never thought of learning bicycle ,but than I never wanted to in the first place.

It made me realize that , sometimes the normal rules don’t apply to you , just because everyone could learn the two wheeler only after they learned bicycle doesn’t mean it is gonna be the same for you , you need to understand this , if you are failing at something again & again , than there are two reasons ,
-> You are not putting as much efforts & hard work as required.
-> Or you have to change the method , something is wrong & is not fitting.

Get inspired  by  others, but learn to recognize that their methods might not work for you too , make your own methods , ways to tackle things that are difficult to you , even if they seem very easy to others ,

Life is full of screwups. You’re supposed to fail sometimes. It’s a required part of the human existance.” 
― Sarah DessenAlong for the Ride

Einstein  was thrown out of school , we all know that story , but that doesn’t mean he was a loser , he just had a different mindset than others, the thing that he found difficult was a very simple task for all his other classmates ,there is always something special about you that you fail to recognize , look harder & you will know it eventually  ….
Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on and always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, then who will? So, keep your head high, keep your chin up and most importantly, keep smiling. Because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about!

You can start by changing your perception , you can boost up your confidence by reading , by doing something new , learning something new , you can keep those things with you that might have inspired you while making efforts for your goal , I always listen to those energy booster songs while doing something that is a bit difficult for me , I keep pictures of  my dear ones in my laptop , those happy memories brings me smile when I am stressed up , I read my favorite novel that always motivates me  The Alchemist , &  Paulo Coleho is my inspiration . You can also look for your role models , who will inspire you , & help you in a way you never  thought  of .

Thought Of the day :

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

We take Life for Granted ….

The tragic incident that happened at movie theater in Colorado in U.S has made a very deep impact on many people ‘s lives , no one had  the slightest idea , that such a tragic event would happen at a place were everyone was just waiting to watch one of the most anticipated movie The Dark Knight Rises …..

Such tragic events make us realize how we take life for granted, how we waste our life , & do not appreciate the things that we have in our life , but the moment we get saved from such tragedy , we realize how important life is , that s the moment when life time memories passes by in front of our eyes & we see what we missed in our life , what we should have consider in our life ….

The laughs we shared with our loved ones, the hugs from our dear ones , our own smiles , the help we got from stranger, the forgiveness from our parents ,the little gifts from our friends , the inspiration from our mentors …. everything little thing that were not so little , that should have been our top most priorities , we neglected …

We pile on so many responsibilities and deadlines, that we forget to just stop and thank God for allowing us to be alive. We get so caught up in the pressures of our society, that we do not take the time to think about how privledged we are to live.Once and a while, we have to just stop everything, and reflect on how gracious God truly is, for allowing us to be alive at this very moment.

It s time we stop neglecting those actually  important things in our life, Life is too short to waste it on pointless things that just take up the time you are given.Enjoy life, and make the most of it. Even those bad moments. At the end of it all, I bet anyone would be happy to have a little more not so great times than nothing at all. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest,

So here s the deal , take too many pictures,tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

It s a matter of choice ….

One of the most difficult task  for me (besides cooking) is choosing , selecting the right option at the right time , It s not like I don’t know what I want, its opposite of that , its like choices arrive to me in a way that I want it both , setting priorities is a way out , but again the same question , what is more important ….

Some choices are immaterial , like wearing white top or should I go with the black one , while some are more difficult choices , Attending family get together or going to the School reunion , it is difficult to choose , when both the sides matter to you , choosing one means disappointing the other .

Even choosing which fan team you are is tricky , do you want Elena to choose Stefan or Damon all the way , which team to support when both the teams have  your favorite football players Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi , such choices doesn’t effect your life , still you are not able to make a choice , think if the choices you are going to make are gonna change you life completely , like which field you wanna pursue your career , you love designing but you also have that passion of travelling !!!

Damn this choices , you always end up regretting , whole life is based on choices you made, & the if … condition , what if I had chosen that college , what would have happen if I had never missed that interview …. & more if ….

Only emotions are something where choices doesn’t come to picture, you dont choose to fall in love with a wrong person , you just do , you didn’t meant to have those hatred feelings for family , but you do , you envy someone the moment you saw them , its an impulsive reaction ….

I always end my posts with a conclusion but than I know what are the deals , but when it comes to choices I am still trying to figure out a big deal in my life , so this post is going to be  the one post I never ended , atleast not yet …

Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.

You are making a risk with your choice, as you are leaving it up to chance whether it will be a good one

Never Back Down …..

Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days everyone does. I know it is hard to keep strong and keep moving on. But, you just have to rememeber tomorrow is a better day. You just have to have the courage to believe it will be. Every time I try something I have never done before , start something new , it is difficult , &  the first thought comes to my mind is lets not go any further , but than I just couldn’t live with that feeling that I stopped trying in the very beginning .So again I start & second time its less difficult than the first time , or maybe the problem is same but I just changed my attitude .

Some people are gifted while some train themselves , that’s the difference , but they both achieve things in life , the difference is the one who is gifted doesn’t has to put on as much efforts as the one who is trying to train , but once you decide what you want in life , there s no looking back , stop regretting what you lost in the past , its history , you can not change , but you can not waste your present .

People confuses this two feelings a lot , moving on & trying again … you move on when you feel you have given your best shot & now its not worth doing it all over again , while trying on is like you have n’t yet reached the peak of your intensity , there is still more you can do in it ….. most of people gets lost in choosing the right thing to do at the right time.

But one thing is sure , you can not give up without atleast trying it , you have to stay strong , it would hurt , believe me I know , but once the learning phase is gone , you would feel the happiness that you can’t express it , sometimes you have to prove it to yourself , all the things that happened in your life , all the things you suffered , you owe that much to yourself .

You might not know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice left to you ….

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do , It comes from overcoming things that once you thought you couldn’t Do,    you will discover your true self , your real strengths only when you go through the difficult phase , rainbows only appear when sun rays finds it ways through the dark clouds. Just believe in yourself , never let anyone s opinion about you stop you from doing it.

I don’t need to recall the stories of all great people who have made a remark in the history , by achieving success , by proving people wrong , by trying something impossible & showing it to the world it is possible , one thing is common they never gave up , they gave their best shot ……

Thought of the day :

Believe in yourself & all that you are . Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle .

Teenage Dreams

So technically I have completed teen-age , but I still love to be that teenage girl , so hyper , full of excitement , those butterfly feelings jumping in the stomach , the not so important topics to worry about ….

It reminds me all those First things that we try in our Teen phase , the most memorable (embarrassing moments included) happens in our life during this phase , we are big enough to act independent , the Very First things we try,
the first Moped drive , the first crush , the first date , the first part time job , the first concert , the first heart break …. so many list of the very first things …. & those are the experiences we never forget .

A diary we always wanna read when we look back at time ,  the make overs we go through , the frustration that clouds our mind, the mistakes we make , new phobias we adapt , some psychologist also refer the Teen phase as one of the darkest phases in human life , a stage , which changes people ‘s lives for ever ….. But whatever people say , my favorite phase in life is gonna be the teen phase , cause childhood as people say :

Childhood is like being drunk
Everyone remembers what you did, except you !!

so how can it be my favorite , when i don’t remember what i did !!

Teenage is not something you could describe , or understand if you have not gone through the real teenage life ,
its like a  A song, a poem, a story? adventure, romance, or something gory? Should I rhyme?

Friendship means like a world , when you are a teen , your life revolves around that , the fights , the controversy , the parties , the nightouts , the risks , everything you do , is influenced by your friends , that is not something that s gonna happen when you are adult , we start thinking more individualistic , our decisions are based on our expectations of future , but as a teen as i said , friendship means a world ….

I believe we learn a lot during our this phase ,  I’ve learned about the world, and my knowledge has allowed me to relax, and accept things for what they are. One of the best things I’ve learned in my teen phase is these little things don’t really matter.I also learned to let go of things , holding on would just make life stressful ….

Even the reason behind my favorite shows  like The vampire diaries , teen wolf , game of thrones , is my love for this teenage life , i know some people say it is the toughest phase & all that stuff , but life turns out to be even more tough in later years , but just because we are mature enough to deal with it , we don’t feel that emotion that we experienced when we were teenagers !!

Teenage life  is like riding a roller coaster. When it starts you want it to stop, but when it stops, you want it to start again……….