Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far : Traffic


This week s theme is Near & Far ,I really thought a lot about it as in what concept  would really go with it.
and than it clicked my mind,  while I was driving home back from My friend’s home , there was heavy rainfall in the city , and all the roads where flooded , Even though I was near to my home , it seemed Far away.

Usually it takes me 5 min s to reach from my friend’s place to mine , but , it took almost 45 mins , &than I realized , no matter how fast our cars can drive , it won’t help in the real crisis. We can enhance the features of the car , but we cannot increase the dimensions of the land. Its like we have to still achieve something that looks so near yet its far …..

Thought on Traffic :
“A society sufficiently sophisticated to produce the internal combustion engine has not had the sophistication to develop cheap and efficient public transport?’
Yes, boss… it’s true. There’s hardly any buses, the trains are hopelessly underfunded, and hence the entire population is stuck in traffic”
Ben Elton, Gridlock

LAZY hours ….. Calm Weekends…. Carry On …..

Waking up in a good mood…for no real reason

Since quite a days , time has been passing just like that , nor so fast neither that slow … a steady pace… & so has the weather , clouds just passing by , like a long smooth drive …

Days without any hectic schedule , days without boring moods , calm weekends , & maybe one of the most peaceful vacation i ll have before Life takes its twist & turns , Who knew  the most peaceful days would just arrive after the most confusing days ….

But than : Dawn comes after the Darkest Hour

It s the small pleasures i enjoy that are worth more than anything money can buy, like walking in the park  at sunset and flying paper airplanes from the balcony , singing in the shower (now that can be torture to the ones who have to bear me listen)  , but overall , keeping calm & carrying on makes you feel happy !!

I also stumble upon this pic on facebook , I had no idea this poster is now a global icon , I thought it is pretty cool to see that there is truly a nice story behind it. It’s plain and simple and has a nice touch of history to it.


I realized to enjoy life its not some big, hilarious event. The majority of life is very ordinary. It s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, then back to Monday & it goes on ….

I think if everyone starts enjoying this little things in life , they would be much more happy , than they are now , round the clock thinking about future won’t change your future BUT definitely ruin your present , Its not like you have to Read a 1000 page book to find out how to live happy , neither is there any degree or Phd , there is no magic pills that would bring you the real happiness in your life.

Here are the few pics that brings smile on my face …


I am always running late ,& even taunted for that , so this one indeed makes me feel proud & i give that smile , like , now what ha ? Am On Time .. 😀


This one is really important one, no explanations….. no words can describe this feeling !!


Only the ones using laptop can understand this feeling , its like saved from time-bomb , you just plugged into the right time …. 🙂


This one never gets old , i am always able to find , few coins in my jeans & my compass box

so find your moments of the day , smile , World s burden is not on your head , Try to make yourself happy …

Quote Of the day :
Life is too short to complain …. so Enjoy …..

Have a happy calm peaceful weekends !!


Since beginning of this year every one has been talking on how the world will end in 2012 , but why be so pessimistic ??
what if world doesn’t end ?
than we have a lot to experience …….starting with the CONCEPT DESIGN …..
One of the most talked field of future , concept design & technology, the technology that we have always been watching in the HOLLYWOOD movies & have dream of  witnessing them in reality , might turn true .
With this ever going advancement in the technology field , the time is not so far that we will be living in the world  similar to Steven Spielberg ‘s movie :Back To The Future.
So here I share with you few of the Future Tech glimpses, enjoy the virtual ride >>>>>>

–>An application that will show you movies that were filmed in that exact location :

> If you are on vacation in a city, you can hold up your iPhone to a building, in the street, or anywhere really and you will instantly be able to watch clips from movies that were filmed in that exact location. How cool is that? Have you ever taken a movie tour in a city? This app would take that experience to a whole new level. Apparently right now this conceptual app is only designed to work in London, but hopefully they will add other locations before it’s actually launched.

–>Futuristic Car That will replace Two – wheeler

>Now i know that there are millions of design when it comes to Concept Cars , but come on you can’t deny the fact that this one is super cool than all , i mean its one of my favorite , but seriously its so easy to drive ,
Designed for single person, this futuristic transportation concept is a round shaped vehicle that uses two wheels with unique angle to balance and support the main body. It certainly provides unique experience to its driver. There’s no steering wheel, user will drive this car using a joystick, i bet your kids can drive this vehicle easily. Due to its body design, this futuristic electric car will not take much space on the road.

–> One iring to rule them all

>Well this product is totally for the ifans , iPod and iPhone are gadgets that you want to hold as much as possible in your hand and to let yourself and others to fully enjoy their beautiful design.But sometimes it is more convenient to keep these devices in your pocket and still have a full control over them.So here it is- iRing, Bluetooth ring concept, that allows you to control playback and volume on any of your Apple media devices.This ring has incredible design just like devices it control.
–>Futuristic Flying

>If we are talking about future , how can we miss the ever lasting wish of having flying machine, so here it is,
Designed for two people, this vehicle looks like a flying kite to us with its unique tail although according to the designer, it was inspired by a “moving shark”. The tail of this flying machine can move upward and act as propeller,when flying, it moves downward in order to use the wheel for the landing purpose, just like an aircraft.However, we’re not really sure if the tail is strong enough to sustain the main structure of this vehicle and how to keep this futuristic flying transportation in balanced with only one wheel. The main body has been designed with careful consideration to aerodynamics.

So we can expect that if the world doesn’t end in the nearby future, will have a lot of new interesting technologies to play with …………

Advantages of solid fuels over the liquid fuels

  1. In case of liquid fuels, there is a danger of explosion.
  2. Liquids fuels are costlier as compared to solid fuels.
  3. Sometimes liquid fuels give unpleasant odours during burning.
  4. Liquid fuels require special types of burners for burning.
  5. Liquid fuels pose problems in cold climates since the oil stored in the tanks is to be heated in order to avoid the stoppage of oil flow.