Weekly Photo Challenge: Object ~ Mobile Case : Collection of Favorite Novels

Mobile case Cover


It might seem like just another Mobile Case …. but not for me … Its collection of my favorite novels , I take it everywhere with me … the stories I have read are not forgotten by me …. instead now they have become a part of me no one can take …. I find my strength from the struggle of those characters… I believe in happy ending … and thats my take on this OBJECT … coz sometimes objects are more alive than anyone can think of ….

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow…. a sign or simply nothing ….

broken lamp

broken lamp


Foreshadow : A warning … or an indication … a sign ….

It all depends on how we perceive things , we see a broken lamp , & what thought crosses our mind. Its a sign , to tread carefully ahead , of whatever new thing we are planning to do … or to look back and see what we are losing …

But there is a catch , you cannot look at everything and start taking those as some signs , sometimes they are just mere things happening , while sometimes they mean more than that …

the trick lies in drawing the line so that we don’t start hallucinating , or over thinking


More the simple , More its Better !!

Simplicity is beauty , In the ever-changing world of advertising, one fact remains the same: Simple is better.  Here my reference is Vogue Magazine Cover , the more the simple pix they chose for their covers the more eyes they catch !!
It is necessary to eliminate the unnecessary , so that the more important things gets focus , the more adjectives creates more complexity .Here are few of the covers I picked , irrespective of celebs that are on it , I just wanted to express that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication .